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New Car Prices Soar: Experts Reveal Which Manufacturers Offer the Cheapest Connected Car Features


With advanced technologies constantly improving, reports show from September 2020 to September 2021. New average car prices went up by 12.1%.

So, whilst fancy gadgets and driving capabilities such as autopilot might make the drive smoother and less work, but which manufacturers provide the best services for the lowest fee? 

A brand new Clever Cars Study takes a look at today’s connected cars and their infotainment subscriptions. Using 10 of the most important features for a connected vehicle, the experts look into each manufacturer to find the best services.

 The most and least expensive infotainment subscriptions

 Research shows Lexus is the best manufacturer for its inexpensive connected car features. Scoring five out of 10 for lowest price tier subscription costs, Lexus offers a free yearly subscription for its features available.  

Audi has a high average cost price of £432 for their services for the year, with WIFI, navigation and traffic information, hands-free access and music access available on the highest-price tier subscription costs.

Surprisingly, one of the most connected cars today, Tesla, ranked below the likes of Land Rover and Jaguar, with an average yearly subscription cost of £119.98.


So, whilst today’s advanced vehicle technologies are enhancing driving experiences, how much do these fancy gadgets and driving capabilities impact your car insurance premiums?

Alex Kindred, car insurance expert at, offered his tips on how connected features can impact your insurance premium.

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 “Cars have changed massively over the last 20 years. Simple radios or CD players have been replaced by entertainment hubs connected to our smartphones. 

“These changes have driven up the value of cars, and in turn, driven up the cost of insuring them too. Car insurance now covers not only the vehicle but the gadgets that come built into them also. 


“Insurers will always ask if you’ve made any changes or modifications to your car, and these aren’t just cosmetic changes. If you’ve installed things like expensive audio systems, it could increase the chance of your vehicle being stolen or broken into, so it’s important to disclose these when gathering quotes. 

“If you’re finding the cost of your insurance is high, either due to modifications made or built-in tech, making sure you have safe storage such as a garage or locked storage area could help reassure insurers. 

 “However, it’s not always the case that having tech in the car could increase your car insurance costs. Safety and security devices, such as dashcams, could help to lower your risk of crashes and your vehicle being stolen. Insurers should take these features into account when calculating your premium. 


 “Some insurers give significant discounts for specific tech like a dashcam. Discounts range from 10-30% with some insurance companies, so it’s always good to let them know if you have one.

 “However, if you have a connected car and you’re looking to sell it, it’s important to ensure your data is erased before it goes to its new owner. Without removing your linked information, you could be leaving your phone contacts, addresses and personal information up for grabs.”



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