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Not Happy With the Range Rover’s New Derrière? Glohh Is Here to Help


When the new, fifth-generation Range Rover was unveiled last week, there was a lot of design talk. We lost count of how many times we heard the word ‘minimalism’.

But you can not please everyone, can you? And so, UK-based Glohh has already revealed new lighting for the rear. Quick work, people.

The Range Rover’s New Derrière

But we have to warn you: there’s a lot more talk about design here.

“The concept’s lighting signature is designed to give a symmetrical lighting impression by implementing a horizontal strip of light along the entire length of the tailgate, creating a clear design structure and a distinctive road presence,” Glohh says.

The Range Rover’s New Derrière -Taillights

“With the introduction of the Mood Matrix System (MMS), a custom display that allows you to change the identity of the GF-1 tail light at will, customers have a choice of three light signatures, each of which enlivens the rear view of the Range Rover with a unique depth of design that reflects the modern feel of the front of the vehicle.”

Advertisement - BerkeleyHaas

In practice, that means something like, “You can choose which lights you want on the rear from three options.”


What do you think of the new look?



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