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Five Expert Tips on Getting the Best Deal for Your Used Car


Recent research by the AA has revealed that second-hand car prices are rising at unprecedented rates – with the UK’s most popular cars having increased by 57% in price since 2019. This trend is due to more consumers buying used cars amid a low supply of new vehicles. 

Following this news, the experts at have compiled some tips on negotiating the best deal when purchasing a second-hand car

1. Research How Long the Car Has Been on the Market 

It’s natural for a seller to expect to get an offer straight away and, as such, list their vehicles for sale at favourable prices. But there are times when a deal doesn’t happen for weeks and months on end, and the seller may, at this point, just want to get rid of the vehicle. 

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With this in mind, it’s essential to research how long the used car has been on sale. Whether the vehicle has been on the market for quite some time, it’s more likely that the seller will be interested in a lower offer.

2. Make Sure Your Seller Is Trustworthy 

As well as doing your research on the car, doing checks on the seller is just as important. Look out for past reviews and any further information about their post-sales service. The general rule of thumb is to avoid sellers saying they can’t offer you any support once you have bought the car. Also, be sure to prevent cars purchased at a private sale or auction, as these are known to come with the most risks. 


3. Do a Vehicle Check 

As the average age of vehicles on our roads continues to rise, conducting a vehicle check is so essential when it comes to knowing all about the used car you’re purchasing. This will reveal things such as the history of the vehicle if the vehicle has been previously written-off, any outstanding finance on the car, as well as the estimated current mileage. Use these factors to negotiate the best deal for yourself then. 

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4. Add Value to Your Deal 

Instead of getting your seller to lower the price for your used car, why not ask them to add more to the offer? Things such as extended servicing, free insurance and metallic paint will hugely benefit your vehicle and save you plenty of money in the long run. You could also ask for things such as baby seats or additional spare tyres. 

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 5. Be Strategic in Your Negotiating 

Don’t think of the negotiation process as a win-lose scenario but rather a win-win one. This means understanding the seller’s pressure, emphasising with them and maintaining friendly communication throughout the whole process. If you aren’t the best at negotiating, try not to show this, as it will give the seller the upper hand. Instead, remain calm, stay confident, and (more importantly) think things through before you commit to anything. 




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