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Autos Community is the world’s most trusted source of automotive information and industry trends. It is the car news title, delivering the big motoring news stories, scoop pictures, drives of new cars and in-depth car reviews.

Nothing moves in the world of cars without the Autos Community knowing about it, from future models to changes in the law. Autos Community is the definitive car reviews brand, assessing more cars (More than 1,100 a year) than any motoring title.

Since its launch in 2014, Autos Community has employed the best, most experienced journalists and testers in the business, all dedicated to bringing you the latest news, high-quality features and reviews you can trust.

We provide expert, impartial advice, while our Watchdog consumer team is also on hand to help you if you have a motoring problem. Autos Community has an unmatched army of loyal readers who appreciate the sharp, informative and concise editorial.

At Autos Community, we seek to provide the most informative, relevant, funny automotive videos and reviews we can take every day of the week.

Should you have a passion for cars or want to learn more about the fantastic automotive community, join us for a ride!

At  Autos Community, we believe in creating an emotional bond between car and driver, like that of horse and rider.

This results in a more dynamic, responsive and—most of all—more enjoyable experience.

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