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Jetson Develops a $92,000 Flying Vehicle That ‘Anyone Can Own and Fly’


This is the people’s champ, at least if the makers of Jetson have their way. That’s right, a company called Jetson has built a small helicopter. It’s called ONE, a ‘vertical take-off and landing’ vehicle, or VTOL, because nobody has time for that.

No one has time to commute either, so Jetson has opened ONE’s property. “Our mission is to make flying accessible to everyone,” explains Jetson founder Peter Ternstrom. “The Jetson ONE is an electric helicopter that you can own and fly.

“We intend to make everyone a pilot,” he adds. And you thought rush hour in the country could get a little hairy – wait for a phalanx of these in the air…


However, the ONE consists of a “racecar-inspired” rigid aluminium spaceframe chassis with eight electric motors, each of which is a “high-performance brushless outrunner” powered by an undisclosed-size lithium-ion battery. The ONE can continue to operate if one of the motors fails.


It weighs a total of 86kg, while the pilot can weigh up to 95kg. Jetson says it can fly for a full 20 minutes with an 85 kg pilot on board, up to a limited top speed of 63 mph, which is more than fast enough for the average consumer.

Controls? There are a few: a three-axis joystick with throttle and various LIDAR sensors for terrain tracking and obstacle avoidance. It can even hover hands-free.


Jetson’s only building 12 next year… and they are all sold out. But you can order one for 2023 if you are quick. Speaking of which, it will be restocked as fast as it sells out.

“The Jetson ONE is virtually maintenance-free. It’s an extremely compact VTOL that charges faster than a smartphone,” proclaim its makers.

Jetson Develops A $92,000 Flying Vehicle

Price? There is one. And it’s not as high as you might think. You can buy it for $92,000 – with a $22,000 down payment – and it comes as a partially assembled kit that you’ll have to finish yourself. But do not worry, there are instructions.




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