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Top Tips To Protect Your Car’s Alloy Wheels


Driving too close to the kerb is just one of the ways which can endanger your alloy wheels if you accidentally scrape them while moving.

The holiday car rental experts at offer motorists six top tips to look after their wheels and keep them looking as good as new.

Brake pads can also be a cause for concern when it comes to alloy care due to the dust being particularly abrasive on the metal.

A spokesperson for said: “Alloy wheels can be an expensive accessory for many cars and can cause a lot of expense and headaches if they get damaged.

“At a time when everyone’s budgets are being squeezed amid the pandemic, we have come up with some useful tips to keep alloy wheels in good shape. Getting into a regular cleaning routine and driving with extra care can help.”

These are’s six tips for the perfect alloys:


As tempting as it can be to grab the power hose when cleaning the wheels, the pressure can cause dents and cracks in the wheels. Take a bucket of hot water and throw it over the wheels to get the worst of the muck off, then use a soft sponge to get in between the spokes and remove the stubborn dirt.


Purchasing a wheel protection wax will protect the alloys and make cleaning easier. When choosing a product, ensure it’s pH neutral, making the dirt more likely to slide off instead of clinging to the metal. You can buy alloy protector shields, but these aren’t recommended due to muck potentially getting stuck behind the shield.

Brake Pads

Although not part of the alloy wheel, brake pads generate a lot of dust and muck. This can stick to the alloys and begin to corrode the metal. Newer brake pads create less dirt and the added bonus of being much safer.


Dirt building up onto your alloys can cause corrosion, and this can be anything from mud to road salt. Getting into the habit of once a week cleaning the wheels will ensure that they are always looking their best, as well as being able to spot any changes early and get them sorted before they begin to cost too much.


The most common alloy destroyer is the kerb. Whether through parallel parking or having a higher kerb than you’re used to, kerbs can easily scratch and dent alloys. Unfortunately, there’s no way to stop this from happening other than being more careful when driving and avoiding going near kerbs.


If you scrape or scuff your wheels, they can be fixed by sanding down the damaged area and repainting it. Several alloy wheel refurbishment specialists carry out the work and can even customise the colour.

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