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Staying Safe in the Sun: Helpful Hacks for Motorists

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Experts are urging motorists to stay safe on the roads during the summer, with concerns the bright sun could cause issues for those in vehicles.

Sadly many people die or are seriously injured from accidents arising from the brilliant rays of sunshine that can impair vision.

The holiday car rental experts at have released five top tips to help motorists stay safe when travelling in bright, low, or bright sun.

Expert advice is centred around adapting your surroundings to get a better view of the road or lowering speed to reduce the risk of a crash.

Whether driving in a traditionally hot or cold country, at home or abroad, the sun’s powerful rays need to be handled with care when behind the wheel.

A spokesperson for said: “Driving in sunny weather can conjure up idyllic images, but there are dangers if you get dazzled while on the road. 

“So much of our safety when travelling from place to place in our vehicles comes from having an optimum vision – so anything that inhibits this needs to be taken into account and addressed. We hope these tips can help motorists to be able to concentrate on enjoying the sun.”

Here are five tips for driving safely in bright sunshine:

 Consider Eyewear

Traditional sunglasses can give you protection in the sunlight while driving. Still, polarised glasses may be a better bet to try out as they can reduce the sun’s glare without darkening the broader surroundings. Once you have chosen a pair you are comfortable with, keep them in the cockpit for use as needed.

Importance of Sun Visors

Cars have sun visors above the windscreen which should be deployed on a hot, sunny day to reduce the impact of the sun’s rays. You can use the visors on the driver’s and passenger’s sides where needed, and you can unclip and rotate them to shield side windows as well.

Take It Slower

One way of limiting the chances of having an accident is to watch your speed and reduce it where necessary. This tactic can give you vital seconds and a buffer between the vehicles around you in the event you are temporarily blinded by the sun.

Full View at All Times

It is a good idea to prepare for a long journey in unfamiliar territory by cleaning the car of clutter to ensure you have a good view out of the windscreen and along the dashboard. It is also helpful to give the windshield and mirrors a clean to ensure there are no smears or dirt which could further impair vision on a bright day.

Are Repairs Needed?

If your windscreen or windows have sustained cracks or scratches in the recent past, it may be worthwhile getting them repaired sooner rather than later. Sun streaming onto these surfaces can be further distorted and cause different blind spots, becoming a safety risk to you, your passengers and other road users.

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