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How to Childproof Your Car

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Crisp wrappers, old socks, juice cartons, and general mud strewed across the car are some of the issues facing motorists with children.  

Those at a loss for keeping their beloved little ones at bay from ruining their car’s interior while they are inside are being offered advice on how to childproof their motor and keep it looking as good as new.

The holiday car rental experts from have simultaneously put together their top tips for keeping cars clean and children happy.

Among the tips offered are taking off muddy shoes, keeping on top of car cleaning and laying down protective mats in the back seats.

A spokesperson for said: “Travelling with children can create some of the most wholesome and essential memories. However, it can also often lead to a very messy car.

“Our tips for tackling the mess are straightforward and quick for busy parents to do during and after any trip. Things like encouraging kids to take muddy boots and shoes off before getting in the car and avoiding greasy foods and fizzy drinks.

“The best tip we can offer is to keep on top of any mess. Clearing your car out after every trip will take a matter of minutes. Leave it a few weeks or months, and you’ll be cleaning for ages.”

Here are’s tips for keeping your car clean when travelling with children.

Keep Food at Bay

Food should be kept from the car to avoid sticky patches, crumbs, and unavoidable smells. Motorists struggling to keep food away from their little ones on a long trip should monitor the snack choices to those that can be easily cleaned up and create minimal crumbs. Greasy food should also be a no-go.

Remove Shoes

Encouraging children to remove their muddy boots and shoes before getting into the car is a huge factor in determining how messy the car can get. Super organized motorists should keep spare bags or plastic sheeting in the boot to place the shoes in whilst in motion.

Rubber Mats

Motorists who are missing car mats should purchase some inexpensive rubber mats that can be cut to size and placed on the floor. After each trip, knock the dirt off the mats and pop them back into place.

Take a Bin Bag

To keep rubbish to a minimum, motorists should always have a bin bag. Children should be encouraged to throw in empty bottles, wrappers and food waste rather than chucking it on the floor.

Avoid Fizzy Drinks

Spill a fizzy drink, and the sticky marks are almost impossible to get out. Instead, stick to water for the kids during long journeys – any spillages will quickly dry and shouldn’t leave any stains.

Balls in the Boot

After kicking about balls in the park, motorists should throw the ball in the boot rather than in the back of the car. The same goes for tennis balls or toys; a box placed in the car’s boot is best used to store all of the essential toys.

Sit on Plastic Bags

If the kids are about to get in the car soaking wet, sit them on some plastic bags. This will keep the seats dry and end the damp smell of transporting children who have become soggy from outside weather.

Empty the Car

After every journey, empty the car of toys, food and any rubbish. Keep on top of it, and it’ll never become an issue again!

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Safety reminder – Please buckle up! Seat belts save lives every day. Always wear seat belts and use appropriate restraints for all child passengers.


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