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Common Car Accidents and How To Avoid Them

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When driving your car, you need to pay attention to details all the time, internal and external. Learn about common car accidents and how to avoid them.

Driving a car is a daily necessity for many people. Whether it is for commuting, transporting, or long-distance driving, making sure that everything in your car works perfectly is important. There are also external factors that could influence the way you perform while driving, and those could be potentially dangerous. Read about these common car accidents and how to avoid them.

Parked Car Danger

Most people don’t think about getting in an accident with a parked car, but these accidents happen a lot. Every time you enter a parking lot, make sure to assess where the best parking spot is. Look at the condition of other cars parked, especially the one you want to park right next to. If it has scratches or dents, consider parking somewhere else.

Rear-End Crash

Rules exist for a better cohabitation, but sometimes people don’t care about these rules, causing accidents. Speeding and believing everyone else will drive defensively is a mistake. People deal with different situations while driving, so you must always be alert. Always keep your distance from other cars, avoid distractions, and plan your route ahead of time.

Car Problems

Many things could be wrong with your car without you knowing, while other problems are more evident. Car maintenance is important because it helps you avoid accidents; something major like an engine malfunction is important to fix, but smaller details like a cracked windshield or a window also require repairs. For safety reasons, it is important to know when to repair or replace a windshield. This will save money in the long run and enable you to drive safely.

Cellular Distractions

While driving, it is very important to keep your focus and attention on the road, especially at high speeds. Phones are a distraction that will take your eyes off the road, quickly turning your drive into a nightmare. Many cars now have features that allow you to use your phone safely while driving with both hands on the wheel, like Bluetooth and voice command.

Driving Under the Influence

One especially dangerous car accident that’s very common is driving while intoxicated. For most people, this is an obvious reason to avoid driving, especially with so many options for transportation available. Unfortunately, this does not deter everyone from driving under the influence. Getting in an accident while driving intoxicated is not only dangerous, but also illegal; most insurance companies have strong policies against this.

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