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LIQUI MOLY Develops Special Gear Oil and Fuel Cell Coolant


LIQUI MOLY has developed a coolant for fuel cells and a special transmission fluid solely for electric vehicles. Both are available now.

David Kaiser, Head of Research and Development at LIQUI MOLY, declares: “This is just the beginning of what we have in the pipeline. We stand by our promise – we offer the right products for all vehicles worldwide.”

In Europe, the USA and large parts of Asia, e-mobility is simply unstoppable. Although the number of conventionally powered vehicles will continue far to exceed that of alternative drives in the coming decades, the lubricant specialist from Germany is preparing for the mobility turnaround.

“There will generally be a mix of different drive concepts.” Says David Kaiser: “Every vehicle and every manufacturer has different requirements. Our research ensures that we meet all approvals and requirements and, at the same time, deliver the highest quality.”

Quality is the keyword at LIQUI MOLY. Coolants for electric vehicles, in particular, have to meet extreme requirements. The Fuel Cell Coolant FCF 20 by LIQUI MOLY, based on ethylene glycol, combined with non-ionic additives, exhibits very low electrical conductivity and combines optimum thermal dissipation with outstanding material compatibility and ageing stability.

“The heat development in batteries and fuel cells is enormous. The demands on the coolant are correspondingly high. Our FCF 20 is not only designed for thermal release but also offers the LIQUI MOLY’s typical long-term protection for all components,” says Kaiser proudly. 

The optimum thermal release is essential with fuel cells, as the heat generated can be higher than with classic, comparatively powerful combustion engines. This guarantees the maximum service life of the components. The product is also suitable for the Toyota Mirai, considered a pioneer in fuel cell technology.

Further development is aimed at purely battery-powered vehicles, which are much more common on our roads.

“It is a misconception that electric vehicles do not need oil. They need very high-quality lubricant for the transmission,” reports David Kaiser.

Here, too, LIQUI MOLY offers the proper fluid geared towards the high torque of powerful electric motors. The new Top Tec Gear EV 510 gear oil meets the strict manufacturer requirements of Tesla. The designation EV (Electric Vehicle) shows that this LIQUI MOLY product was developed exclusively for electric vehicles. But that’s not all.

“We put our entire experience from research into developing special e-products. These include, for example, low-conductivity coolants for e-vehicle batteries. These will also go on sale in the foreseeable future,” promises the Development Director.

Most LIQUI MOLY products are suitable for all drive types, whether combustion engine, electric, hybrid or fuel cell. The manufacturer approvals are decisive.

“Wherever special products are used, we will provide solutions. This is independent of the drive,” says David Kaiser.

With the new products, the full-range supplier is expanding its offering of 4,000 items and rounding off its range to cater more for alternative drives.


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