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Gordon Murray To Reveal T33 V12 Supercar


Gordon Murray will follow his radical V12 supercar, the T50, with an all-new high-performance model unveiled on 27 January. 

The new arrival, named T33, is described as “the finest supercar in the world GT“, suggesting that it will emphasise refinement than the T50, which focuses on high-speed exhilaration.

However, unlike the T50 and the racetrack-oriented T50S, the new model will be built at Gordon Murray Group’s (GMG) new headquarters in Windlesham, Surrey, with construction due to begin shortly.

The new £50 million facilities will house GMG’s design, development, sales, service and heritage departments. It is expected that the new supercar will be primarily developed on-site, and the company aims to have a fully operational test track by the end of 2022.

Further details about the model have not yet been revealed, but Murray himself has already confirmed that the company will launch a second model with a V12 engine before a “very loud” hybrid follows.

Gordon Murray inside the GMA T.50
Gordon Murray inside the GMA T.50
More “Accessible” Sports Model

Given the T50’s £2.8 million price tag and segment-leading performance figures, it is likely that the company will launch a more “accessible” sports model.

The company’s iStream production principles are used to keep weight to a minimum – although the T50 has as much power as the Bentley Continental GT Speed, it weighs less than the Mazda MX-5 – but confirmation of its GT positioning suggests that a more comprehensively equipped cabin and road-oriented suspension tuning could be among the key differentiators.

More details will be revealed at the unveiling, but until then, Murray is confident that both the car and the new HQ “will change the automotive industry“.

He added: “Over the next two years, we will reach many important milestones for our HQ. But one of the most important will be on 27 January, when we unveil the first Gordon Murray Automotive vehicle to be manufactured there.




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