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New Arrival Car Is Designed in Partnership With Uber Drivers, Should Arrive in 2023


British electric car start-up Arrival has unveiled the final design of its first bespoke passenger car, which it has developed in collaboration with Uber.

Simply called Arrival Car, the electric car will be road tested from the new year after being developed from scratch in just six months.

It will play a crucial role in Uber’s goal to go completely electric in London by 2025, and Arrival has already hinted that it could go into production in the third quarter of 2023.

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Feedback from Uber drivers, who are intended to be the main users of the vehicle, has been incorporated into the design of the vehicle and will continue to influence the final development before it is due to go into mass production.

Arrival said it had designed its first car “specifically for the ride-hailing industry to provide the best possible experience for drivers and passengers and to bring clean air to urban environments where most ride-hailing takes place”.


The priorities for the design and engineering teams were to promote visibility, comfort, cost, safety and convenience, in line with a projected annual mileage of 28,000 to 31,000 per year, compared to 6000 for the average private car.

No word yet on the vehicle’s size and specifications, but it is expected to offer twice as much legroom as the average car of its size and use technologies that are also used in Arrival’s previously unveiled van and bus concepts.

Tom Kelvidge, Arrival’s head of platform, said: “This is an important milestone for Arrival and we are excited to share the first look at the Arrival Car today.

“Over the last six months we have worked closely with Uber drivers to develop a vehicle specifically for the ride-hailing industry that is affordable, durable and beautiful to look at.


Electrification of ride-hailing services will play a critical role in reducing vehicle emissions in cities around the world and provide a sustainable, clean, multi-modal transportation system for communities. We want to support drivers in this transition by developing the best possible ride-hailing product that provides a better experience for both them and their passengers, while making the air in cities cleaner.”

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Arrival acknowledges that there are an estimated 30 million riders in the ride-hailing sector worldwide, but has not mentioned any plans to launch its customised car on other platforms besides Uber.


The car is built in a network of so-called micro-factories for local sales, rather than being manufactured in a central factory for global export.

Although it has been described as “affordable”, Arrival has not yet given details of how much Uber drivers will pay to switch to one of its cars.




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