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Images On Social Media Appear To Show The New Pagani C10 That’s Due Later This Year


The upcoming Pagani C10 hypercar, set to replace the decades-old Huayra, has been outed on social media months before its official unveiling.

A rendering purporting to show the Pagani C10 surfaced on a new and anonymous Instagram account last week, accompanied by an image of a document purportedly aimed at potential buyers, suggesting the leak was from an early customer presentation. The original images have since been removed but continue to circulate on the internet, and Pagani has yet to comment.

The design combines several elements of earlier Pagani designs. The skylights in the roof and the wide radiator grille are reminiscent of the Huayra, while the teardrop-shaped cabin recalls the older Zonda.


Above all, the two tiny rear wings and the angular bonnet recall the design of some of the earliest Pagani models, such as the C12 S.

New features can also be seen throughout the car. Small winglets in the front grille appear to be possible aerodynamic aids, while the subtle but large air intakes on the roof and rear struts do anything but confirm that an internal combustion engine will power the Pagani C10.

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The Pagani C10, which is already said to be sold out, is rumoured to be powered by a new version of Mercedes-AMG‘s twin-turbocharged 6.0-litre V12. Buyers will have the choice between a manual transmission or a dual-clutch automatic with paddle shifters.

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Pagani’s focus on the C10 is more on handling than performance. In an interview with Italian magazine Quattroruote, founder and chief executive Horacio Pagani said the company had emphasised weight saving than any other aspect of the design.

Pagani plans to build up to 300 examples of the C10, including coupe and roadster variants and special editions.

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The Italian company has claimed that interest from American customers alone could have filled the entire production run.

The C10 is expected to be the last Pagani with a pure combustion engine, while future models will be hybrid-powered. It will be unveiled later this year.




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