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Group Lotus Announces New Global Brand


Group Lotus announces a new Global Brand and PR centre structure has been established. The new centre will be headed up by James Andrew, appointed Chief Brand Officer.

Initially, with offices in the UK, Netherlands and China, the new centre will oversee the evolution and deployment of the Lotus brand worldwide.

The Global Brand & PR Centre will report to Group CEO Mr Feng Qingfeng, with the regional divisions headed up by Nigel Bromley (UK office – covering UK and RoW regions), Giuseppe Mele (Netherlands office – covering Europe region) and Chen Qi (China office – covering Greater China region).

The newly formed team will establish systems, processes, teams and facilities worldwide, ensuring the most impactful and consistent treatment of the Lotus brand as the business evolves and develops in line with the company’s Vision 80 strategy.

In addition to heading up the Global Brand Centre as Chief Brand Officer, James Andrew will continue his responsibilities as Executive Director of Communications for Lotus Cars Limited, reporting to Group VP and Managing Director of Lotus Cars, Matt Windle.

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