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ZEEKR Announces Major Upgrades to its 001 Vehicles

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Premium electric mobility brand ZEEKR has today announced a vast array of upgrades to its 001 vehicles, signalling a bold vision for the future of luxury drive and autonomy. 

At its first ZEEKR Experience Day, and less than one year after the first products were delivered to customers in China, ZEEKR confirmed that 001 models would be subject to an extensive OTA update which covers driver comfort cockpit interface and smart driving technologies. ZEEKR has also announced a host of hardware improvements to the body and chassis of 001 for the 2022 model year.

ZEEKR 001 is now the world’s first production car equipped with two 7nm autonomous driving chips, which are embedded within a complete visual fusion sensing system and enable a 001 to self-adapt autonomously at speeds of up to 130kph.

In testing environments, a 001 will automatically slow when it detects pedestrians or non-motor vehicles approaching. The 001 will also automatically detect a car door open on the side of the road or a truck coming on the side, turning wheels slightly to avoid a possible side collision.

The latest upgrades also include a high-performance 8155 Snapdragon microchip, which has optimized over 200 critical items of user control functions within the cockpit.

ZEEKR’s brand-new smart driving system enables users to switch among different driving modes and has a distributed traction control system designed only for pure electric vehicles. This new system includes signal transmission and a processing rate ten times faster than most existing systems, bringing computing down to milliseconds.

This improves acceleration performance by 31% on harsh road surfaces or in snow and ice conditions whilst increasing the maximum controllable speed. This newly updated driving system will allow users to switch between rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, and real-time adaptive four-wheel drive systems based on the road conditions.

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