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Skoda Vision 7S Concept Puts Toddler Safety First

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ŠKODA AUTO presents another preview of their upcoming design language. The first interior sketch of the Vision 7S Concept study reveals a spacious vehicle with an all-new, versatile interior architecture, offering space for up to seven people. Sustainable materials are used to create a minimalist interior. The new design language is authentic and offers intuitive control of digital technologies and a high degree of functionality.

The all-electric Vision 7S Concept car is ŠKODA‘s first concept car to feature the manufacturer’s new design language. The first sketch has now been released showing inside the vehicle. In addition to sustainable materials, the minimalist interior is characterised by generous space for up to seven people in three rows of seats and ŠKODA’s signature Simply Clever features.

“The new design language is minimalist, functional and authentic. In the future, we will continue to focus on ŠKODA’s traditional strengths, such as generous space, easy usability and a high degree of functionality. With our new design language, we are taking the next step and emphasising the customer experience even more. The great creativity of our designers and engineers is demonstrated through movable interior elements and newly developed Simply Clever features such as an integrated child seat. The deliberately minimalist lines also extend the clear exterior design into the interior,” said Oliver Stefani, Head of ŠKODA Design

Innovative Detail Solutions

The interior of the new Vision 7S Concept car features a symmetrical wrap-around design, plus a comprehensive, horizontal dashboard that extends to the doors, enhancing the sense of space. An optimally positioned hand rest makes interacting with the touch screen and haptic buttons easy and convenient. Haptic controls are also integrated into the redesigned steering wheel. Ambient lighting highlights various areas of the interior, including charging status, and provides appropriate lighting when getting in and out of the car.

The door panels also feature interactive haptic and visual elements. The integrated child seat is located in the centre console – the safest place in a vehicle. The front seats’ backrests are fitted with holders for multimedia devices for passengers in the second and third rows. These also have backpacks integrated into them.

Innovative Sliding Controls for Different Modes

The spacious interior offers two distinct configurations that provide a new spatial experience for different situations – driving and relaxing. In driving mode, all the controls are set in their ideal positions, and the central touchscreen is vertically aligned to display all the relevant information while driving.

Relax mode can be activated when charging or stopping for a rest; the steering wheel and instrument cluster slide forward, and the first and second-row seats move back for an even more relaxed seating position. This option offers passengers maximum space and comfort.

ŠKODA AUTO announced its new design language at March this year’s annual press conference. The new design language is based on traditional brand values such as robustness, functionality and authenticity. The upcoming design language is characterised by spaciousness, durable and sustainable materials and an aerodynamic, efficient shape.

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