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Everrati To Support 2023 Valkyrie Stunt Awards in London

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Today, leading technology company Everrati Automotive Limited (Everrati) announces a new collaboration with the 2023 Valkyrie Stunt Awards – a first-of-its-kind event celebrating British stunt artists across film and television.

In front of an expert panel of industry veterans and guests seeking to bring about change in the level of recognition for highly skilled stunt performers, two of Everrati’s electrified icons – the Land Rover Series IIA and Porsche 911 (964) – will play a key role in transporting VIP guests to and from the red-carpet event in London on 27th April 2023 in true zero-emission style.

Everrati’s Land Rover Series IIA – painstakingly refined and tested at the company’s technical centre in Upper Heyford, Oxfordshire – incorporates a brand-new EV powertrain courtesy of the company’s expert team of industry specialists from world-leading OEMs. The off-roader’s 60kWh battery pack has a power output of 150bhp and 300Nm of torque, reinvigorating the car’s original character, coupled with a true zero-emission range of up to 150 miles.

Everrati’s Porsche 911 (964) Signature Widebody features a 500bhp, 500Nm EV powertrain with a high-power state-of-the-art battery pack, capable of delivering an electric, emission-free driving range of up to 200 miles and sub-4-second 0-62mph acceleration.

Justin Lunny, Founder & CEO of Everrati Automotive Limited, said“We are delighted to be supporting The Valkyrie Stunt Awards in 2023 by providing two of our electrified icons for sustainable transportation duties. We are in constant admiration of the talent British stunt performers bring to the world of film and television and look forward to guests experiencing the future of iconic vehicles.”

On static display during the event will be Everrati’s flagship performance model – the GT40 – built in partnership with Superformance. As an authentic continuation model of the iconic car, it appears in the GT40 register and the World Shelby register. With a 60kWh bespoke battery and 800bhp on offer from twin motors, the electrified GT40 can surge to 60mph in less than four seconds and is lighter than the original car.

Laura O’Donnell, the founder of the Valkyrie Stunt Awards, commented“The Valkyrie Stunt team is extremely excited to be working with Everrati as one of our official partners. Everrati wants to bring about real change with its low-carbon classic and iconic cars – closely aligning to our ambitions.”

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