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Tips on How To Maintain the Shocks on Your Car


One of the most important parts of your vehicle is the suspension system. These are some tips on how to maintain the shocks on your car to help you out.

When driving down a long road, the paths you travel are not completely smooth or free of debris. Your car’s shock absorbers play an important role in keeping your journey smooth to avoid feeling like you’re on a bumpy roller coaster as you cruise down the highway. To help keep them in working order, these are some tips on maintaining the shocks on your car.

Inflate Your Tires

The shock absorbers are responsible for keeping your tires on the road. The pressure of your tires plays a large part in how well the shocks are able to perform their function correctly. This is because the positioning and settings of your shocks are directly linked to the ideal conditions for your tires, which includes them being at the correct pressure. Checking their condition every month is a good idea, and if they are not at the ideal pressure level, be sure to reference your owner’s manual for the correct psi you should aim for.

Ease Your Brakes

If you have ever had to stop your vehicle suddenly and experienced a feeling of vibrations or longer brake times, then there is a chance you were driving with damaged shocks. When possible, easing up on your brakes is a good way to maintain their reliability and lifespan, as it puts less stress on them over time. Though they are not solely responsible for making it work, keeping them in good condition allows the rest of the system to function smoothly. Driving with bad shock absorbers also opens the chance of interfering with the effectiveness of your anti-lock braking system.

Pay Attention to Your Tire Wear

The tread of your tires should be at least a sixteenth of an inch thick. When driving, the grip of your tires is important, as they directly coordinate with your shocks. Worn-out tires put you at risk when driving in compromised conditions like rain or snow. Even with a well-maintained set of shocks, the amount of work that is exerted on them increases when the tires are not able to connect to the road stably. As a result, most drivers with unsafe tread conditions on their tires are likely to experience more skidding and sliding when attempting to steer or brake.

The shocks are only one part of a system dedicated to keeping your rides stable and safe. However, there is more than one good reason to have good car suspension, and the benefits of doing so help save money in the future. By considering some of these tips on maintaining the shocks on your car, you allow them to last you longer and reduce the number of times you have to get them repaired or replaced.


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