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GMC Tests Hummer EV in Sub-Zero Conditions


Before any GMC vehicle reaches customers’ driveways, it undergoes a rigorous test and validation schedule to prove the extent of its capability. A team of engineers visits locations across the U.S. to tune the GMC HUMMER EV in the lead-up to its production debut this fall. 

GMC Tests Hummer EV in Sub-Zero Conditions -Teaser Stills

First Up

Winter testing in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, where the GMC HUMMER EV team put this super-truck through its paces in sub-zero temperatures on various slippery surfaces, including snow, ice, steep and split-mu grades.

Key Tests

Integrating the GMC HUMMER EV’s powerful all-wheel-drive torque distribution with the traction control system and calibrating and testing the electronic stability control system.


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