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West Midlands Gigafactory Congratulates New Prime Minister


The West Midlands Gigafactory joint venture congratulates Liz Truss on her new role as Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative party.

As the whole world moves towards an increasingly electrified world, it is clear that the UK’s new Prime Minister recognises that gigafactories are critical to the UK’s automotive and domestic energy sectors, job creation, future economic growth and achieving Net Zero targets making the West Midlands Gigafactory an imperative for the UK’s electrified future.

Gigafactory welcomes the PM’s commitment to supporting the West Midlands Gigafactory project and the opportunity it presents for the UK. The company looks forward to working with Liz and her Government to develop the right environment to attract battery manufacturers to the UK and avoid falling behind in the global gigafactory race.

Gigafactory’s 309-acre site is the only one in the UK which has already secured planning permission for a Gigafactory with a production capacity of up to 60GWh, 30% of the Faraday Institution’s recent forecast requirements for the UK in 2040.

The company is ideally located at the heart of the UK’s automotive industry in the West Midlands, with access to world-class skills, talent and supply chain capabilities. It benefits from a robust transport infrastructure for the future Gigafactory’s logistics requirements, supply chain and access for up to 6,000 employees.

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