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Fusion Processing And Bradshaw Electric Vehicles Win Innovative UK Funding To Develop Autonomous Two Tractors


Fusion Processing and Bradshaw Electric Vehicles announced the awarding of Innovate UK funding to commence an exciting new partnership to develop fully autonomous (uncrewed) Tow Tractors. These vehicles are used extensively in factory, warehouse and airport logistics to haul baggage trailers and goods trailers.

Autonomising electric commercial vehicles such as Tow Tractors will improve safety and drive huge operational efficiencies in refining logistics of complex environments where the smooth running and timely delivery of goods and baggage are essential to larger sectors such as flight schedules and haulage where efficiency savings are counted in seconds.

Fusion Processing’s CAVstar control and sensing system will be utilised to make Bradshaw’s third-generation T700 and T800 Tow Tractors fully autonomous. The state-of-the-art artificial intelligence system uses various sensors, including LiDAR, cameras and ultrasonics, to picture the vehicle’s environment and plot the most efficient, safe route.

This means the autonomous Tow Tractors can be operated safely inside factories where GPS signal is unavailable without requiring extensive infrastructure to be installed. The compact CAVstar system can be retrofitted to any vehicle where it controls the throttle, braking and steering systems to provide levels 3, 4 and 5 of autonomous operation.

The CAVstar system will be configured for the electric vehicle and tuned to deliver more efficient throttle and braking control than a human driver can, especially when pulling an eight-tonne load.

The 12-month development programme will begin in October 2022 and culminate with automated tow tractors operating safely within an operational factory or warehouse in summer 2023.

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