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Ares Modena Auctions One-off S1 Project Spyder Supercar in Aid of Unicef

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ARES Modena has announced the sale of an exclusive “one-off” model of the Supercar S1 Project Spyder at the “Luisa Via Roma for UNICEF” charity gala held on July 30, 2022, at La Certosa di San Giacomo in Capri, Italy.  

Taking centre stage at the auction organised in aid of global humanitarian charity, UNICEF, the one-off model created especially for the event by the Modenese atelier stunned guests who submitted bids to secure the supercar built by the ARES Centro Stile, as the brand continues to carve out an increasingly valuable position in the luxury coachbuilding market.

Despite global challenges, UNICEF fights for children’s rights worldwide every day, providing them with safe shelter, food and protection from wars, natural disasters, and inequalities.

A winning bid of €1.2 million – with all proceeds donated directly to UNICEF – secured the instantly recognisable S1 Project Spyder. Designed without a windscreen, the twisted carbon fibre body takes on a unique and organic shape, flowing inside the passenger compartment, dividing and enveloping the passengers. Handmade, customised and richly finished with the finest leathers, the interior of S1 Project Spyder reveals elegant and minimalistic lines, with maximum attention to detail.

This unique model allows drivers and passengers to feel a driving experience without filters. Two wind deflectors have been designed, elegantly emerging from the streamlined bodywork. These deflectors redirect the air current over the passengers into the air intakes behind the headrests, creating a virtual canopy and a calm yet unfiltered driving experience.

Commenting on the auction, ARES Modena CEO and co-founder Dany Bahar said: “We are incredibly pleased to once again give our support to such an important charity as UNICEF. I am delighted that the “one-off” model of our Supercar S1 Project Spyder has attracted such global attention. This means we can now donate significant support to UNICEF and help them continue their invaluable work where it is needed most.”

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