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Occupational Hazards That Mechanics Face on the Job

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Mechanics encounter some potential risks while they work. Here are some examples of the occupational hazards that mechanics face on the job.

Working as a mechanic is a respected and rewarding career. However, like many jobs, there are some potential hazards to be aware of while working. Here are some examples of the occupational hazards that mechanics face on the job.

Chemical Burns

The first occupational hazard that mechanics face on the job is chemical burns. During their daily work, mechanics often have to handle potentially dangerous and flammable liquids and chemicals. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that all hazardous chemicals are clearly and properly labeled to help avoid any accidents or injuries. However, chemical burns can still occur from spills or exposure to these harsh and dangerous chemicals while on the job. If you experience a chemical burn, you should remove any contaminated clothing, rinse the burn for 20 minutes, bandage the burn, and seek medical attention.

Physical Injuries

Physical injuries are another occupational hazard that mechanics commonly encounter. Working as a mechanic is a physically demanding job that requires consistent repetitive motions that can cause injuries over time. For example, lifting and lowering heavy machinery can cause strains, sprains, and tears to the muscles. Mechanics can also suffer from tripping or slipping in the workplace due to greasy liquids that cause the ground to become slick. There are other serious physical injuries that mechanics can also experience on the job. For example, it’s important to be aware of the risks of hydraulic fluid injection. Fluid such as grease, oil, diesel, paint, or hydraulic fluid can pierce the skin and get trapped underneath, causing injury to the mechanic.

Lead Exposure

Lead exposure is the third occupational hazard to be aware of as a mechanic. On a daily basis, mechanics work with several products and materials that contain lead. For example, vehicle batteries, welded parts, and paints are all products that contain lead. Exposure to lead can result in neurological damage, anemia, and kidney disease. When lead builds up in the body over time, it can also cause seizures and potential death. Therefore, it’s necessary to take proper precautions when working with any products that may contain lead.

Now that you know some of the potential hazards that mechanics encounter on the job, you can be aware of them in the future. Make sure to take all the essential safety precautions when working as a mechanic to avoid occupational hazards and injuries.

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