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Bosch and Castrol Extend Cooperation Agreement to Automotive Workshops in UAE


Building on the success of their global cooperation, Bosch Middle East and Castrol Middle East are extending their agreement to workshop partners in UAE. Based on the deal, Castrol lubricants will be recommended and sold under the Bosch Car Service network in the UAE. Customers to the workshops within the network will also benefit from joint brand activities, including promotional campaigns, digital activities, training, and finance and efficiency solutions.

Speaking on the newly announced collaboration, Arda Arslan, Regional Vice President at Bosch Automotive Aftermarket Turkey, Iran and the Middle East, said, “Although two large automotive giants collaborating is not that common in the industry, this is a strategic move by Bosch across many markets, and we are proud to extend this partnership with Castrol in the UAE. We at Bosch believe that when two giants collaborate, their expertise doubles up and makes the companies stronger. We aim to provide the highest quality of services to the customers in the UAE that will help us grow our business faster and better.” He added, “As a leading global automotive supplier, Bosch has successfully offered high-quality automotive products and services for workshops and drivers. Together with Castrol, we aim to bring vast experience from two leading brands to serve our customers within the region better.”

The extension of the global agreement between the two automotive partners follows a successful partnership of several years, beginning in the European market in 2013. The deal has driven the profitable growth of each brand while benefitting customers by providing easy access to products and services from Bosch and Castrol.

Robert Gerritsen, General Manager, Castrol Lubricants, further added, “This cooperation agreement brings together two of the strongest brands in the automotive aftermarket. The combination creates additional opportunities for our workshop partners to drive profitable growth through being able to offer their customers the very best in lubricants, parts and technical service excellence. The joint approach to training, support and marketing campaigns will also help workshops attract and retain more customers.”

With over 15,000 partner workshops in more than 150 countries and 56 existing Bosch Car Service (BCS) workshops within the UAE, Bosch is the largest brand-independent service network in the UAE, with plans to expand throughout the Middle East.

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