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MGTS Creates the First Data Marketplace Specialized in the Automotive and Individual Mobility Sector


Dawex, the leading technology company for data exchange, data marketplace and data hub, unveils the MGTS Data Marketplace, the first non-personal data marketplace for the automotive sector (distribution, sales, use, wear and tear maintenance and equipment), and more globally for individual mobility. The MGTS Data Marketplace aims to bring together all stakeholders and observers of today’s and tomorrow’s mobility to enable its users to understand, anticipate and innovate in this rapidly changing sector.

Present in 18 countries with 2,000 customer contact points under the Midas, Norauto and ATU multi-brand car maintenance banners, Mobivia is the leader in its sector with over 50 million customers per year and 50 years of existence.

“Dawex provided us with the technology solution to monetise and generate value from our data or those of our partners by creating a Data Exchange Platform that is powerful, efficient, secure and easy to use,” explains Ludovic Codeluppi, International Product Leader at MGTS.

The MGTS Data Marketplace leverages Dawex Data Exchange technology to facilitate the collection, centralisation, distribution, exchange and monetisation of non-personal data in this sector. The different market players control their data and decide with whom to share it and for what purposes in an environment that guarantees security and traceability. Thanks to Dawex’s business and regulatory expertise, the MGTS Data Marketplace meets the requirements of European and international regulations and is ideal in line with the future Data Act.

“In less than a year, MGTS has built strong relationships with organisations outside of our immediate ecosystem thanks to Dawex introductions,” continues Ludovic Codeluppi. “The circulation and commercialisation of data between these stakeholders will play a key role in developing new business models.”

Dawex technology enables MGTS to orchestrate and animate a vast data ecosystem from the automotive and mobility sector. It provides its stakeholders with the means to better understand and improve their user experience, increase productivity and efficiency, and boost innovation. The MGTS deployment is another illustration of Dawex technology leadership, demonstrating the footprint of its solid reference architecture.

“Data exchange has become a fundamental component of business competitiveness and economic sovereignty,” comments Fabrice Tocco, Dawex co-CEO. “Organizing the circulation and monetisation of its data within its ecosystem is imperative for all players in the retail sector.”

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