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Trans Am Worldwide’s Latest Project Gives a Considerable Amount of Life to the Classic ’70 Chevelle SS


This is a new muscle car celebrating a powerful old one. US-based Trans Am Worldwide has revealed the first images of its latest vehicle, which pays homage to one of the most famous muscle cars, the Chevelle Super Sport.

Welcome, then, to the modern version of this V8 monster. TAW calls its redesigned pony car the 70/ SS, a car “seven years in the making” and available with 450 hp from an entry-level 6.2-litre LT -1 V8, a 900 hp option and a Bugatti Chiron-style 1,500 hp from the ‘LS6/X 454’ version.

A considerable amount of yee and perhaps a significant amount of haw. However, only 25 examples of this car will be built, so, like the car, you’ll need to be quick. All have a choice of manual or automatic transmission and, of course, rear-wheel drive.

Assuming you agree with the looks. There are no specifics on the “modern platform” this 70/ SS sits on, but the Bandit Edition Trans Am that TG drove some time ago used the Camaro‘s underpinnings. To do so, TAW transformed the angular lines of the SS into the colossus you see above.

“Heritage colours” will be available, while “modern three-tier special colours” will be offered for those customers who want something “more vibrant”. Each car starts at $150,000, but the price will go up if you bring in your preferences.

“Our engineers and technicians have put in thousands of hours to redesign this iconic car on a modern platform,” said TAW chief Tod Warmack. “And we have done it in a way that pays the greatest tribute possible to one of the most beloved models of the muscle car era.”

What does this mean for the Trans Am cars that TAW builds?

“It’s time for a complete redesign, so the Trans Am is on holiday until the new design is reintroduced. We are now focusing all our efforts and resources on the 70/ SS,” Warmack added.

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