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New TecDoc Ecosystem Revolutionises Data Management


The automotive industry is rapidly evolving, driven by new mobility concepts, digitisation and alternative drive types. With the growing complexity of vehicle configurations and the demand for faster product launches, the shift to real-time data processing in the automotive industry has become a new reality. TecAlliance has introduced the new TecDoc Ecosystem to keep pace with these changes. 

This pioneering ecosystem marks a pivotal shift in how businesses access, manage, and process catalogue data on a local, regional, and global scale. It empowers businesses with instant data management, enabling them to stay synchronised with the rapidly changing automotive landscape. 

At the core of this new ecosystem is Instant Data Processing (IDP), which processes and updates data instantly, as opposed to quarterly or monthly submissions as in the past. IDP replaces complete dataset uploads with easy-to-automate data updates via web services, saving time and reducing errors.

TecAlliance remains committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that transform the automotive data landscape,” said Jürgen Mehlis, Executive Vice President Data Manager Products.” By introducing IDP technology to TecDoc, our customers have entered a new era of efficiency, accuracy, and business growth.” 

Harnessing the Power of Instant Data

The new TecDoc Ecosystem is a comprehensive suite of data solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of the automotive aftermarket. It offers three distinctive products for parts manufacturers to deliver their product data to TecDoc:

  • TecDoc ONE: This Global Product Information Management (PIM) solution is a scalable, cloud-based solution, enabling parts manufacturers to manage and enrich their product information to sell more products locally, regionally, and globally. With TecDoc ONE, data suppliers can find everything in one place, leveraging the complexity of different automotive standards data standardisation.
  • IDP Data Supplier API: This interface connects a customer’s PIM system directly to TecDoc. It is the direct interface for updating customer data from their system to TecDoc’s database without creating and exporting a specific format.
  • TecDoc Data Wave: A data upload service for parts manufacturers who cannot use TecDoc ONE or IDP Data Supplier API as a long-term solution. It is ideal for uploading, validating, and publishing complete TAF packages.
Working With the Most Up-To-Date Data

As the demand for timely and precise data in trade catalogues and e-commerce continues to grow, the need for innovative data solutions to streamline data management processes becomes increasingly vital. Thanks to IDP technology, TecDoc Data Users, such as traders, distributors and e-commerce platforms, can now work with the most up-to-date data to benefit from immediate updates in the TecDoc Web Service and Catalogue.

TecDoc Data Package customers can use the new IDP Data Receiver API for real-time product data retrieval or stick to the TecDoc Data Packages, which provide weekly snapshots from the IDP Database in TAF Standard. 

Please visit tec for more information about the TecDoc Ecosystem and its offerings. Al/Data_Delivery.

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