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REE Automotive Announces Further Progress Towards Commercial Production Capabilities


REE Automotive Ltd., an automotive technology company and provider of electric vehicle (EV) platforms, announced today’s progress towards commercial production, having proven its robotic assembly capabilities, the core of its CapEx-light and highly-automated integration centre manufacturing approach.

REE plans to implement the cloud-based automated assembly lines at its highly-digitalized global manufacturing plants, first in its European Integration Center in Coventry, UK.

REE’s Coventry Integration Center will serve customer demand in Europe with an initial focus on the P7 electric platform for commercial vehicles such as walk-in delivery vans, buses, and recreational vehicles.  The Coventry site will also operate as the blueprint for all future REE Integration Centers, with an expected capacity of 10,000 vehicle sets (40,000 REEcorners™) this year.

In Austin, Texas, the North American Integration Center is expected to double its global total to 20,000 vehicle sets in 2023 by replicating its European sibling’s highly automated cloud-based architecture.

The company partners with industry leaders, including Rockwell Automation and Expert Technologies, for robotics and automated assembly. The first assembly line is expected to become operational in the second half of 2022. The company expects to host customer and media visits later this year.

REE is implementing line-side controls from Rockwell Automation and is creating further efficiencies and savings by adopting the Plex Manufacturing Execution System (MES). The Plex cloud-based solution’s ability to deliver complete visibility into production operations enables scalable manufacturing locally and across global Integration Centers.

“This is an important milestone on our path to commercial production next year. Our Coventry site’s automated and connected capabilities are a great foundation for our global operations. They will enable us to fine-tune our assembly procedures and rapidly deploy them to other sites,” said Josh Tech, REE’s Chief Operating Officer.  “Our cloud-based robotic manufacturing system will be the digital backbone for our assembly lines and give us the local capability to manage our customer-specific manufacturing operations while also allowing us to share and scale best practices across all plants quickly.”

The Integration Center is approximately 130,000 square feet, includes industry 4.0 technologies and will be partially powered by solar energy.

“We have a world-class team of highly skilled designers and engineers leading the design, development and production of our innovative current and future technologies,” said Peter Dow, REE Vice President of Engineering. “Our team is doing tremendous work toward commercialising our REEcorner™ technology with P7 corner and platform builds. This establishment of the Coventry Integration Center marks a pivotal moment in the commercialisation of REE’s innovative REEcorner™ technology and EV platforms, with prototype on-track testing of its P7 platform having commenced this year.”

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