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Why You Should Consider Joining a Classic Car Club


Are you thinking of becoming a member of your local classic car club? Learn the benefits of classic car club membership, from discounts to networking, here.

Many practical and social benefits exist for vintage car collectors and owners who join a classic car club. Below, we explain some of the best reasons why you should consider joining a classic car club.

Join a Passionate Community

When you join a classic car club, you’re not just becoming a member of an organization but a community of people sharing your passions. Few things are more enriching and satisfying than discussing and learning about your interests with others who share your enthusiasm.

There are many communities to choose from—whether you’re looking for a general organization or one specific to a certain type of vehicle. The social and personal benefits of joining a community of people with similar passions are worth the price of membership alone.

Gain Access to Valuable Knowledge & Experience

You should consider joining a classic car club because you instantly gain access to tons of valuable experience and knowledge about classic cars. Classic car owners know that the best resource for tips or advice about classic car restoration projects is often other classic car owners.

You can get help from others who have undergone similar projects on similar vehicles and point you in the right direction when needed. There are some things that only fellow classic car owners will understand, so having them as a resource is invaluable.

Get Perks & Discounts

As a classic car club member, you also often get many perks and discounts as part of the membership. Many car clubs offer their members discounts for parts and services from auto shops and parts vendors for their members—which can save you money in the long run!

Plus, if you buy parts or a classic car from a fellow member, you’ll often get a generous discount as a show of camaraderie from a fellow member. If your classic car club ever puts on a classic car show or swap, you’ll get many perks as a member of the event organizer’s group.

Networking Opportunities

Joining any club offers valuable networking opportunities, and that’s especially true for classic car owners. As a club member, you’ll forge relationships with many people who are significantly involved in the local auto industry community—from collectors to mechanics and regular business owners.

Having plenty of connections in the local auto industry can pay significant dividends throughout your membership. Plus, it gets you more involved with fellow residents of your local community!


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