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Battery Swapping: From Two-Wheelers to Trucks, Reports IDTechEx


The conductive fast-charging system as we know it today has drawbacks such as long dwell times, high power demand from the grid, availability and reliability issues, and the need for end-users to deal with heavy cables, dirty connectors, and buggy user interfaces. Battery-swapping is an emerging technology that aims to address all of these shortcomings.

Besides efficiently upgrading battery technology, reducing the purchase price of EVs (by decoupling the cost of the battery from the EV), and massively decreasing charging times, it is also important to note that the battery swapping stations themselves can become independent energy storage facilities with grid-balancing ability. As we electrify the various vehicle segments, can battery swapping be considered a viable recharging strategy for them all?

Battery swapping is possible across various EV segments, with major deployment of swap stations for the two and three-wheeler segments. Source: IDTechEx
Battery swapping is possible across various EV segments, with a major deployment of swap stations for the two and three-wheeler segments. Source: IDTechEx
Swapping Will Secure a Win With Two and Three-wheelers’ First

Battery swapping is viewed as an ideal solution for the booming electric two and three-wheeler segment due to the self-service business model, which requires low capital investment. The swap stations in this segment resemble a vending machine, take up a small footprint, and require no robotic machinery compared to those needed for cars or trucks.

The high utilization of commercial fleets in this segment means swapping can boost revenue directly. There’s no downtime, no waiting, no energy spikes, and no need to swipe a card or enter a pin. It only takes a few seconds to swap and go.

This makes the two and three-wheeler segment a promising candidate to adopt swapping technologies. The new report by IDTechEx, “Battery Swapping for Electric Vehicles 2022-2032: Technology, Players and Forecasts”, covers the various players in this field and benchmarks their swappable battery modules by weight and power capacity.

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