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Things To Ask Yourself Before Investing in an Electric Car

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The recent spikes at the gas pump are forcing many motorists to consider trading in their gas-powered getups for an electric vehicle. Is an EV right for you?

The price at the pump is sending shockwaves through motorists of every kind. These alarming fuel fluctuations are forcing many to begin considering alternative transportation methods, including investing in electric cars. The upfront value of one of these unique solutions is relatively costly, so there are several things you should ask yourself before taking the plunge.

How Do I Charge My Electric Car?

Understandably, one of the first things people want to know is how they will charge their vehicle. The ability to charge the car at home is essential to its functionality. If you plug it in at the end of every day, it is ready to go in the mornings when you head out for the day. This perk alone can alleviate the trips you make to the pumps.

Consider having a particular electrical outlet installed in your garage or parking space to accommodate the power demands. Typically, a 240V outlet is the most suitable option.

Are There Specific Maintenance Requirements?

A gas-powered vehicle will always require more maintenance than an EV. But there are a few components to always keep in mind regarding maintenance:

  • Wheel conditions
  • Battery life
  • General maintenance

When it comes to general maintenance, a noteworthy tip to keep in mind is the fluids and filtering systems all need care and handling. Generally, you can perform these at home.

Will Electricity Cost More Than Gas?

No matter where you live, there is a price to pay for electricity. But the value of electricity is significantly less than gasoline, which applies to every map location. It could take several weeks or months of use before you feel the effects of the electricity demands, but when you factor in how much gas you would typically need, you will feel better not watching your money burn a hole in your pocket.

Can I Charge My Car in Public?

There are many factors to consider when seeking out suitable public charging stations, but this is a critical component. Scope out the range from your home to your nearest public stations and consider the most convenient stations per your consistent traffic patterns. Once you locate reliable public charging accommodations, consider what type of power they provide to ensure your range can get you from point A to point B while out.

How Do I Insure My EV?

An essential thing to consider when insuring an electric vehicle is that it will always cost more because the cost of the vehicle overall is up. Insuring it protects the value of the asset just like it would a gas-powered vehicle. The value of the battery pack alone weighs significantly on an insurance company’s premium for the EV.

Final Thoughts

Before investing in an electric car, remember to ask yourself a series of questions to ensure the asset is suitable for your lifestyle. For those who spend hundreds at the pump, perhaps an EV is right. But for those who only drive occasionally, the cost analysis might ask you to hold.

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