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This Fisker Ocean SUV Is as Chill as It Sounds


This is the Fisker Ocean SUV, but you can not buy it yet. At the Los Angeles Motor Show, Fisker boss Henrik Fisker unveiled the production version of his long-awaited electric car.

[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”3″ display=”basic_slideshow”]So this is the version you’ll be able to buy when it goes on sale next year. Prices start at $37,499 for the entry-level ‘Sport’ version (before any perks), over $50,000 for the ‘Ultra’ version and finally just under $69,000 for the ‘Extreme’ and ‘One’ versions; the first 5,000 Oceans will even come in ‘One’ trim.

Magna Steyr, the company that builds the G-Classes for Merc and some Jags and BMWs, will manufacture the Fisker Ocean, while the batteries will be made in partnership with a company called CATL. The Ocean Sport promises a range of more than 250 miles and uses only a single motor, while the Ultra and Extreme AWD models have two engines and are said to have a range of more than 340 and more than 350 miles, respectively.


Does this all sound a bit serious? The Ultra has 540bhp and can do 0-100mph in 3.9 seconds, while the cheapest Sport has 275bhp and a 0-100mph time of 6.9 seconds. The most expensive models are also the fastest, of course, with a 0-60mph time of 3.6 seconds and 550bhp. There is probably a Goldilocks among the equipment here that has not yet been found.

Of course, there are various driving modes, torque vectoring and the option of off-road driving. All models ride on 20-tread tyres and special Bridgestones, although 22-inch wheels are optional. There is plenty of onboard support in the form of many sensors, while the interior is entirely vegan: recycled materials such as old fishing nets, old T-shirts and renewed rubber.

There is room for five people, and with the push of a button, all the windows can be lowered, and the sunroof opened. This is the ‘California Mode‘. There is another mode, ‘Hollywood Mode’, which rotates the central 17.1-inch touchscreen from portrait to landscape when parked for the whole La La Land experience. A 16-speaker system with 500 watts of power and a subwoofer (remember the nineties?) provides the right sound.


It looks smart, too. Sleek headlights front and rear, a blocky, handsome silhouette combined with the angular stance and a good size. Just what you’d expect from the same minds that brought you such hits as the Aston Vantage and BMW Z8.

“We have made it our mission to build the most innovative and sustainable cars in the world that are also affordable, and that starts with the Fisker Ocean because we want a clean future for everyone,” says Fisker.


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