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The Radford Lotus 62-2 Gets a Cabin That is Very Much Its Own and a Seriously Big Wristwatch on the Dashboard


One might assume that the interior of the Radford 62-2 is simply a Lotus Exige dashboard with the word ‘Lotus’ crossed out on the steering wheels and a Radford sticker.

But no. The retro coachbuilt supercar, which comes with a choice of 430bhp, 500bhp or even 600bhp V6 engines, has a cabin all of its own. And an oversized wristwatch on the dashboard.

The partnership with British watchmaker Bremont means Radford drivers will have little excuse to be late. Just look at this dial: Not even F1 drivers wear watches this big on their wrists. There’s also an analogue stopwatch on the other side of the dashboard.


There’s no shortage of retro touches here. There are toggle switches, a ‘handbrake lever’ (whatever that is), a refreshingly round steering wheel with no buttons, and look at that exposed gearshift mechanism. Lotus did the same on the Elise and Exige, but here it’s been beautifully presented in carbon fibre for a racier feel.

Radford says they wanted the feel of an old-school Le Man’s prototype inside the car. Could you imagine spending 24 hours here?


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