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ECARX Delivers Autonomous Driving ADAS Platform to Global Car Manufacturers


ECARX Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: ECX), a global mobility technology provider, has announced a new series of Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) enabled products, starting with the ECARX Skyland Pro. It will support drivers as the autonomy of their vehicles increases. 

Delivery of the ECARX ADAS platform has already taken place, with the beginning of mass production marking a significant milestone for the company. Owing to its dual system-on-chip (SoC) architecture, ECARX Skyland Pro delivers exceptional performance and is supported by a sophisticated safety system.

Deploying two Black Sesame Huashan-2 A1000 automotive-grade SoCs to deliver comprehensive computing power of 116 tera operations per second (TOPS) at 8-bit integer (INT8), the high-performance ECARX Skyland Pro enables L2+ advanced driving and parking.

In addition, the ECARX Skyland Pro platform supports industry-leading bird’s-eye view (BEV) perception algorithms and a 5R10V sensor configuration. ECARX Skyland Pro can enable more scenario-based solutions such as urban navigate-on-autopilot (NoA) capability and home-zone park assist (HPA) through continuous over-the-air updates.

Furthermore, ECARX Skyland Pro also boasts the following ADAS features: automatic emergency braking (AEB), lane-keeping assist (LKA), lane departure warning (LDW), blind spot detection (BSD), and electronic stability control (ESC) – all of which have achieved high scores in China – New Car Assessment Program (C-NCAP) preliminary testing under China’s stringent vehicle safety assessment program.

Besides its rich ADAS capabilities, ECARX Skyland Pro combines its dual SoC architecture with BlackBerry’s QNX, AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform and Classic Platform automotive-grade software to provide robust safety features that meet the requirements of global OEMs and regulators.

Testing and validating system functionalities are significant considerations in developing ADAS solutions. To address these concerns, ECARX provides end-to-end testing and a validation methodology and toolchain, enabling its partners to significantly shorten the R&D cycle while mitigating risks and ensuring the reliability of ECARX’s ADAS solutions.

The launch of ECARX Skyland Pro will be soon followed by the introduction of ECARX Skyland, a single SoC solution that can meet a broader range of OEM needs. Tailored for L2+ ADAS scenarios, ECARX Skyland will allow automakers to seamlessly combine driving and parking functionalities.

Integrating a single Black Sesame Huashan-2 A1000 automotive-grade SoC, ECARX Skyland will enable peak computing power of up to 58 TOPS and support a 5R6V sensor configuration, to provide more than 20 ADAS features, including high-speed NoA driving assistance, automated parking assist (APA), and remote parking assist (RPA).

Mass production of ECARX Skyland Pro and the ECARX Antora 1000 Pro computing platforms has begun as ECARX delivers on its commitment to provide a comprehensive suite of automotive intelligence solutions that seamlessly merge outstanding performance with maximum security.

Through the ECARX Skyland series, car manufacturers can effortlessly integrate cutting-edge ADAS capabilities into their vehicles, ultimately providing safe and efficient driving experiences to a broader audience.

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