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Bank Holiday Drives – Motorists Urged to Take Care


Drivers have been warned to avoid these common mistakes, as over 14 million plan to head out this bank holiday weekend. Experts have named the five checks all motorists should carry out before setting off, such as checking their medication, footwear and clothing.

Experts at warn drivers to ensure they know all the dangers the summer season can bring before they set off.

As each new season arrives, it brings many issues to look out for on the road that could land unknown drivers with fines, penalty points, and even driving bans.

These changes, such as clothing suitable for warm weather, footwear and even medication, could spell trouble if drivers aren’t adequately prepared.

Car insurance comparison expert at Rolph, says: “Summer weather in the UK is not something we’re used to and is often hard to come by, so when it arrives we tend to seize it and head to the beach or round to a friend’s garden as soon as possible, to make the most of it.

“Some of our driving in hot weather tips are easy to forget, so we just want to remind drivers, in the rush to get out into the rays, to be careful and be aware of what can get them into trouble behind the wheel.”,uk’s Summer Driving Tips

  1. Check Footwear

During the warmer weather, some drivers change to scandals, flip flops and even bare feet for driving. Although this isn’t illegal, your footwear mustn’t affect your driving. If an incident occurs and you cannot operate the controls safely due to your footwear, you could find yourself with a £100 fine and three penalty points. Bare feet, in particular, mean you have less breaking force, so it’s always safer to have sensible driving shoes in the car. Driving barefoot could also see motorists being penalised for driving without due care or attention.

  1. Check Your View

If drivers plan to travel with family or friends on summer road trips or to and from airports, avoid overloading the car with people or luggage. Failing to keep their vision free from obstructions through the front or back window could land them a fine and three penalty points on their licence. Overloading can also lead to issues with the car’s maximum weight. The vehicle handbook will tell them the maximum weight for the car, including passengers and luggage. If this amount is exceeded and you are involved in an accident, your insurance could be invalid.

  1. Check Medication

The law doesn’t distinguish drug driving caused by illicit drugs, over-the-counter or prescribed medication – any substance that affects driving ability could lead to convictions. This means that even antihistamines taken to relieve the effects of hay fever could result in serious, life-changing charges. If convicted, motorists could expect to receive at least a one-year driving ban, unlimited fines, up to six months in prison and a criminal record. Additionally, for 11 years afterwards, condemned drivers will have the conviction displayed on their licences.

  1. Check Sunnies

The average pair of sunglasses is categorised as a number two, with a marginal tint and transmitting 18-43 per cent light. These are recommended for daytime driving.   Driving with inappropriate eyewear could be detrimental to pedestrians and other road users, leaving drivers unable to detect dangers on the road. Motorists could be hit with a £100 on-the-spot fine and up to three penalty points for driving without due care or attention.

  1. Check Clothing

Drivers should know how their summer clothing could restrict them once behind the wheel. Summer dresses, for example, could limit movement or prove a distraction. Rule 97 of the Highway Code states drivers must have footwear and clothing, which does not prevent them from correctly using the controls.

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