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Flashing, Splashing and Swearing – 5 Surprising Ways to Incur Driving Penalty Points


Drivers are warned about lesser-known driving laws, which can result in hefty fines and penalty points.  Leading car insurance price comparison website has revealed more unusual road traffic offences drivers may not even realise they are breaking.

From flashing a fellow driver because you aren’t happy with how they are driving to splashing a pedestrian, many surprising motoring laws can catch even the most careful drivers.

These offences risk hefty fines and penalty points, with severe penalties in the more serious cases, including disqualification.

Greg Wilson, the founder of, said: “Most of us are aware that we will receive a fine and points on our licence for speeding or talking on a mobile phone.

“But there are many rules and regulations of the road that we may not have been directly taught, that are very important to know to avoid prosecution.

Motorists often assume that they only risk points on their licence by driving too fast, running a red light or causing an accident, but being a safe driver and keeping your licence clean isn’t as simple as that.

“Being wary of the less obvious rules, regulations and laws can keep drivers out of trouble with the law and help keep their insurance premiums down at a time when we all need to keep costs to a minimum.”

Splashing Pedestrians

Splashing pedestrians can be an offence of careless and inconsiderate driving, whether done with malicious intent or not. It is used where ‘driving amounts to a clear act of incompetence, selfishness, impatience or aggressiveness.’ A common punishment for this offence is a £100 fine and three points on the licence, but penalties can rise as high as £5,000.

Avoiding puddles near bus shelters and pedestrianised areas is the best way to avoid picking up avoidable points.

Flashing Headlights at Other Cars

The Highway code states you should only use your headlights to let other road users know you are there. Flashing your headlights to convey annoyance with other road users could be interpreted as ‘furious’ driving, which carries the potential of fines and penalty points. Attempting to warn other drivers of a speed camera or a police speed trap carries a maximum penalty of £1,000 for wilfully obstructing a police officer.

Driving Too Slowly

This rule sparks controversy because some deem it unfair or harsh, whereas others believe eradicating slow drivers will make traffic jams less severe. Although there is no minimum speed limit on motorways, for example, if you’re caught driving dangerously slowly, you can be pulled over by the police. Depending on the severity of the offence, a standard penalty is a £100 fine and three points for not showing reasonable consideration to other drivers.

Driving With an Unsecured Pet

Although this offence usually attracts a fine and three points, this could increase to nine points for more serious offences. Most motorists aren’t aware that it is dangerous and illegal to have your pet dog in the car unsecured while driving.


Getting angry behind the wheel could land you in hot water, especially when it is excessive. This can be classified as a breach of peace and leave you with up to a £1,000 fine and three points on your licence.

Keep your cool while driving and your temper under control to keep your licence clean. helps around 3 million users annually find savings on household bills and essentials, including niche items such as insurance with points, drunk driving convictions and convicted driver insurance.

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