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AdventureGenie Unveils the World’s First AI-Powered Travel Planning Tool for RVers and Campers


The creators of AdventureGenie have unveiled the world’s first RV and camping travel planning tool powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Founded by a former Microsoft senior technology executive, Scott Lengel, and veteran CEO/Investor David Greenberg, AdventureGenie uses next-generation technology to understand what RV travellers want when planning exciting adventures.

In addition to creating itineraries, AdventureGenie’s innovative technology can intelligently generate custom journeys based on the most sought-after themed trips, with detailed trip guides and recommended campgrounds and activities. AdventureGenie is the world’s first one-stop travel planning website for RVers, campers, and road trippers.

AdventureGenie includes an extensive database of over 25,000 public and private campgrounds and proprietary AI-based algorithms to customise itineraries for each user. AdventureGenie offers innovative features such as GenieSummaries (a unique way to summarise and describe each Campground), GenieScores (an innovative rating system) and GenieMatch (which shows how close AdventureGenie thinks each Campground is a good fit for each user).

Travellers will learn what campgrounds are an excellent match for their personal preferences and will be able to reserve them.  Integrated into AdventureGenie’s route planning and campground selection tool, GenieWishes asks users what they’d like to see and do on their trips – and in response, its AI engine builds an itinerary stop by stop that matches those preferences.

“We answer the three key questions in campers’ and RVers’ minds: What to do? How to get there? Where to stay?” said Scott Lengel, CEO of AdventureGenie. “Our GenieTrips provide detailed itineraries for dozens of popular destinations. Our 25,000+ database of campgrounds, with the built-in magic of GenieSummaries, GenieScores and GenieMatch, identifies the perfect campgrounds for each traveller.  And our adaptable route planning tool creates customised routes, recommends AI-generated GenieStops along the way, and is fully integrated with our campground database and  GenieTrips.” 

Planning RV and camping trips can be complicated and frustrating. It often requires having an array of websites and apps open at once, ranging from individual campground websites to mapping websites to area attraction searches. Some apps have adequate route planners but list only a few of the many campgrounds near a stop.

No existing websites or apps help travellers build trips like most RVers plan, and ratings for campgrounds are not trustworthy. RVers frequently like meandering on and off a route; other times, it is about getting directly to the destination to explore an area thoroughly.

Some like the ’middle of nowhere’ sites, while others like places with all the amenities. AdventureGenie’s magic is that it thinks like actual travellers and makes it easy to turn a vision into a great trip with all the planning tools in one place.

“AdventureGenie is the answer to the most vexing question my wife and I encountered while planning RV vacations: Can’t there be a one-stop-shop for RVers and campers to plan the trip of their dreams? The answer is an emphatic YES,” said David Greenberg, Chairman of AdventureGenie.” 

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