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Phyron Releases World’s First AI-Powered Always On Video Ad Platform


Today, Phyron, a Swedish video tech pioneer, revealed the world’s first AI-powered always-on video ad platform, a complete ecosystem, 100% powered by AI.

Until now, creating studio-quality videos for every car on a dealership’s forecourt, uploading them to all the popular social media channels, plus creating and optimising targeted advertising campaigns would have taken a huge team of people working flat out and would likely be uneconomical.

Now Phyron’s fully automated AI-powered software can do it all in minutes, with zero human input, all for less than the price of a coffee per vehicle per month.

The power of video in marketing is well known, especially in social media channels. The algorithms prioritise serving video ads that engage and hold viewers’ attention, and Phyron’s AI will optimise to meet the dealerships’ objectives, be they brand building or sales.

Research has shown customers spend five times longer looking at video versus static content on Facebook and Instagram and that video offers ten times higher reach compared to static content, unlocking a new audience of buyers.

Johan Sundstrand, CEO and Co-founder of Phyron, said; “We have created the world’s first software that combines the power of AI with automation to create stunning videos. The technology works and is available to customers now.

“The car buyer’s journey begins three months before the purchase as customers begin to research vehicles in their area and price range. Phyron’s Paid Ad ecosystem can begin serving them ads at this point, building a dealership’s brand and showcasing its inventory. Targeted ad campaigns such as these will cut costs and reach more buyers”.

Dealerships can set brand guidelines for the video ads, identify the campaign goals, build the brand, and drive clicks. Select the target audience for the campaign, e.g. within a set distance from the dealership; develop budgets and launch all from within the Phyron paid ad ecosystem. The AI software will then optimise the ad campaigns in real time to hit the KPIs (key performance indicators).

Marcus Malmberg Digital Business Development Bilbolaget Sweden, said, “We’ve been leveraging Phyron’s automated video creation and media buying services and the results have been phenomenal. Their expert management of video creative and our media spend has allowed us to achieve better results while saving valuable time and resources. Their fully automated service lets us focus on what we do best – selling cars. The level of service we receive is unparalleled, and it’s clear that Phyron understands the unique needs of the automotive industry.

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