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All-New Marketing Campaign for Hyundai’s IONIQ 6 Explains Why It’s Time to Go Electric


As the electric vehicle journey continues to evolve, making the switch can overwhelm some consumers. Still, Hyundai has thought of everything to turn the EV transition into a lifestyle transformation – and they are highlighting that in the national marketing campaign for the all-new all-electric IONIQ 6.

The campaign’s theme, “It’s Time to Go Electric,” will come to life in broadcast and social media commercials starring Kevin Bacon and his daughter Sosie Bacon. The first ad will air during professional football’s conference championship games on Jan. 29.

“With the introduction of the IONIQ 6, Hyundai is once again making ​the electric vehicle lifestyle more accessible and convenient than ever before,” said Angela Zepeda, CMO of Hyundai Motor America. “If you are someone on the fence about going electric, we hope this campaign starring Kevin and Sosie Bacon will show how early adopters can easily make the switch at any stage in their life.”

The 60- and 30-second hero spots titled “Your Dad Is Going Electric” feature Kevin and Sosie Bacon taking a drive in his new all-electric IONIQ 6. The ads put a humorous spin on the dynamic father-daughter relationship showing that even her ‘older’ and less technologically savvy dad has leapt electric vehicles before most consumers.

They feature Kevin as an early adopter who is excited to show off all the innovation and capabilities of his new ride to unassuming strangers. The 60-second ad also directly addresses consumers’ concerns about charging times and driving range by highlighting how the IONIQ 6 can go from 10% to 80% charge in as little as 18 minutes on a 350-kW, 800V DC ultra-fast charger and has a driving range of up to 361 miles for the IONIQ 6 SE RWD.

Your Dad Is Going Electric” will air this Sunday during both professional football conference championship games. The 30-second companion spot, “Grandkids,” continues to follow the Kevin and Sosie Bacon journey while highlighting the positive environmental benefits of going electric for future generations.

After the championship games, the ads will continue to run across broadcast and digital media platforms through March, when the vehicle goes on sale. In addition, contextual social media content highlighting key IONIQ 6 features, including charge time, Bluelink, digital key, etc., will extend across multiple platforms, including YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The new spots were directed by Oscar-nominated film and TV commercial directors Will Speck and Josh Gordon, well-known for their work on the GEICO Cavemen commercials. The result was produced by the award-winning production company Furlined.

The IONIQ 6 marketing campaign was developed in collaboration with Hyundai’s agency of record, INNOCEAN USA, while its media agency, Canvas, coordinated the media buys.


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