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UD Trucks Completes Another Successful Year And Expands Its Operations In MEENA


UD Trucks has continued its journey of exceptional growth throughout the Middle East, East, and North Africa (MEENA) region by registering an average of 30 per cent growth for the second year.

This boost for the Japanese truck manufacturer strengthens its position as a market leader in a largely European-dominated regional truck market. UD Trucks continues to place its “Better life” Strategy for people and the planet at the core of its objective to become the Japanese Sustainability Leader by 2025.

There were positive stories for UD Trucks right across the region over the past 12 months. Sales of heavy-duty trucks in Qatar were up by 35 per cent thanks to the brand’s reputation for producing robust and modern trucks. This also contributed to UD Trucks’ steady performance in other key segments, including the UAE’s waste management and construction sector.

Saudi Arabia, UD Trucks’ largest market by volume, enjoyed a 32 per cent increase in sales. The brand has expanded into every segment, from construction and logistics to waste management. The brand is now involved in many Kingdom-wide projects – many of its partners are engaged with the NEOM project.

UD Is Active Across All Key Areas

In Africa, specifically in Ethiopia and Uganda, UD Trucks delivered many vehicles primarily for general cargo use, despite the harsh economic conditions and currency shortage. In 2023, different countries are set to be added to UD’s operations as the brand continues with its plans for expansion on the continent.

With a focus on efficiency, uptime, and customer service, UD Trucks and its partners have invested significant time and resources in developing a network of workshops across the region to meet customers’ needs.

UD Telematics, with a penetration of more than 40 per cent in targeted markets, is a key USP for the brand, as it helps customers by providing information in real-time about vehicle location, speed, fuel consumption, driver behaviour and other relevant data to improve uptime and total cost of ownership.

By optimising its fleet management processes, UD Trucks helps fleet managers to increase efficiency and reduce costs, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

The company’s customers also benefit from the availability of comprehensive Service Agreements, ensuring greater control over costs and easier administration, thus providing complete peace of mind to fleet managers. In 2022, the company registered a 35 per cent service contract penetration.

The company is dedicated to achieving proficiency in every aspect, not only through improvements in its fleet and the services it offers to customers but also through investing in the needs of its employees. Some 2,135 hours of technical, soft skills and driver training for over 1,000 personnel have been conducted in the past 12 months, both in-person and online.

These sessions were based on blended learning modules and physical training and were designed to facilitate competence development while reducing costs.

Positive sentiment about the brand has been reinforced by its ‘Better Life’ strategy. In line with the company’s commitment to focus on people, UD launched several initiatives in 2022, including supporting the Arabian Ocean Rowing team to raise awareness of plastic pollution and environmental sustainability and supporting employees and partners participating in Dubai Marathon to promote physical and mental wellbeing.


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