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How to Find the Right Auto Repair Shop Garage for Lease


Turning your passion for cars into a business requires a lot of thoughtful planning. Besides having the skills and know-how to run the business, the most important thing is having the space for it.

When it comes to opening your auto repair shop, the main consideration–as with any other brick-and-mortar business–is location, location, location. Especially because this specific venture requires plenty of square footage to accommodate all the vehicles coming in for service. 

Here are some simple but practical tips on how to find the right auto repair shop garage for lease.

Choose Your Location

An ideal location for your leased auto repair shop space is accessible and with high traffic. This is so that they can easily find you, whether they’ve looked you up online or are simply passing through. If you’re having trouble determining the right location, it might be best to talk with an automotive marketing consultant.

You also want to be able to cater to those in emergencies. That’s why you need to be someplace where you can be a prominent choice when the need arises. Apart from that, some auto repair services, such as towing, will inevitably affect the cost of the service, and this potential customer will factor in this factor. Your shop’s location, therefore, will be impacting that as well. 

Determine Size

How big of a shop do you want to have? The best way to determine this beforehand is to identify specific services you plan to offer. From this, you can have an idea of what kind of tools and equipment you’ll need and, therefore, the size you’ll need to accommodate them. 

To give you an idea, here are some of the equipment you’ll need to run your auto repair shop:

  • Vehicle lift
  • Jacks
  • Engine hoist
  • Airconditioning machine
  • Wheel alignment
  • Oil drains and oil caddy
  • Battery chargers
  • Diagnostic equipment
  • And more

On top of all that, you’ll also need the space to admit cars coming in for service. Depending on the service they need, the vehicle may have to stay in the shop longer than others. You need to be able to anticipate the turnaround rate based on the services you offer to have a better idea of how much space you’ll need to keep your shop running smoothly. The last thing you want is to turn away business because you don’t have space for new customers in your shop. 

Compute for Costs

Taking a lease out for your auto repair shop requires having a budget. Before buying any equipment, you must first compute how much you’ll need for the lease. Read the fine print carefully, especially regarding payment terms and due dates.

Make sure everything’s clear regarding expectations or requirements for any modifications that may need to be made to the space. Look closely for any indication of the lessor’s right to raise the fees and if you, the lessee, can have room to negotiate or counter should one be put in place.

These are some critical questions you should consider before signing a lease. Of course, there may be other considerations that are more customized to your needs, so bring them up as well with the lessor to set things straight.

Work with a Real Estate Agent

Last but not least, your best bet in finding the right auto repair shop space for your business is to work with a professional real estate agent. Prepare your requirements and then hand them to them. They will indeed have options lined up for you to check out.

Especially with their market skills and local knowledge, they have access to commercial real estate listings available that you can check out. They can also help you make the right choice by thoroughly reviewing the lease terms, so you fully understand what you’ll be getting into. 

The most significant benefit you can get from this is that you can focus more on the other aspects of building your business, such as creating an air-tight business plan. At the same time, you delegate this part to another professional. 

These are some of the more practical tips that you can use to find the right auto repair shop space for your business lease. With these, may you soon be able to open your shop and start working?


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