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ADAC Opel e-Rally Cup 2023 in Spectacular WRC Setting


After a very successful 2022 rally season for Opel, preparations for the third season of the ADAC Opel e-Rally Cup are already in full swing. The schedule of the first and so far only electric rally one-make cup worldwide will be upgraded again for the coming season. Instead of seven runs, as in the first two years, the 100 kW/136 hp Opel Corsa-e Rally will complete eight top-class rally events in four countries in 2023.

The ADAC Opel e-Rally Cup continues to be based on the German Rally Championship (DRM). The locally emission-free electric cars will kick off the season at the ADAC Rally Sulingen at the beginning of May. They will also compete again at the ADAC Saarland-Pfalz Rally around St. Wendel and the ADAC Rally Stemweder Berg in the Lübbecke area.

After the successful debuts of the past season, the customer sports racers from Rüsselsheim will also electrify the attractive rally events in Weiz (Austria) and Morzine at the foot of the Mont Blanc (France) in 2023. The ADAC Opel e-Rally Cup will also celebrate two exciting premieres at the Rally du Chablais around Aigle in western Switzerland and the Rally du Vosges Grand-Est near Gérardmer in the French Vosges.

The last of the numerous calendar highlights has been saved for the ADAC Opel e-Rally Cup finale. When the FIA World Rally Championship causes a stir on the asphalt tracks in the border triangle of Germany/Austria/Czech Republic from October 27 to 29 as part of the new Central European Rally, the Cup teams will also pitch their tents in the service park in Passau with their battery-electric Corsa-e Rally cars, thus demonstrating the fascinating dynamics and innovative power of electric rallying within a sizeable international setting.

“After an all-round successful rally year in 2022, we are already looking forward to an exciting third season of the ADAC Opel e-Rally Cup,” said Opel Motorsport Director Jörg Schrott. “The awareness for the first electric rally one-make cup worldwide has grown very noticeably, as has the interest from organisers at home and abroad in staging a competition round. We are very pleased about this since Opel is proving that electric rallying works.”

ADAC Opel e-Rally Cup Calendar 2023

May 5-6                    ADAC Rally Sulingen                                                 Germany

June 2-3                   Rally du Chablais, Aigle                                             Switzerland

June 17-18               Rally du Vosges Grand-Est, Gérardmer                      France

July 14-15                Rally Weiz                                                                   Austria

August 18-19           ADAC Saarland-Pfalz Rally, St. Wendel                      Germany

September 8-9         Rally Mont-Blanc, Morzine                                        France

September 29-30     ADAC Rally Stemweder Berg, Lübbecke                    Germany

October 27-29          Central European Rally, Passau                                 Germany/Austria/Czech Republic


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