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Arcadia A96: Wellbeing on the Water


A strong and almost overwhelming desire for a new form of well-being is trending in many areas, embracing not only physical and mental wellness linked to sport and meditation but also the search for an authentic bond with nature that engages all five senses and for a social life based on genuine sharing. This overall trend is the springboard for the new project from Arcadia Yachts. This shipyard has always focused on emerging trends and a willingness to innovate: A96, a yacht over 29 meters long (CE Category A) and almost 8 meters in the beam, with five cabins and crew quarters sleeping five.

Well-being is this project’s guiding star. The shipyard has developed the concept, exterior styling and choice of technology for A96 to reflect this search for wellness in every detail, reprising and amplifying the benefits of the two previous lines.

On the one hand, A96 offers spacious stern terraces with views of the water and a propulsion system providing excellent manoeuvrability and a top speed of 24 knots, typical for Sherpa yachts, and on the other, delivers the vast volumes and superior service levels of the brand’s A range.

In addition, the effort to make contact with nature is much deeper than the current market offering: the settings establish an ongoing dialogue between interior and exterior, with huge transparent sliding doors and windows that can be opened to let nature in, quite literally as a beloved guest. The spaces are flooded with natural light and immersed in the sounds and scents of the sea, becoming one with the surroundings.

From the swim platform to the bow, the settings flow seamlessly into one another, allowing the owner to choose between the friendliness of the main deck, a more discrete location on the upper deck, and total privacy in a bow area ideal for spending time at anchor in roads and marina. These features all contribute to the idea of the yacht as an ideal resort to get back in shape and restore the energy needed for everyday life.

Sliding doors make for highly versatile interiors. The extensive side and aft walls can be opened entirely in the living areas on the Main and Upper Decks, transforming these settings into open-air spaces. High service standards are ensured by the clear separation of guest and crew flows (with a dedicated crew stairway), the super-modern and fully appointed pantry, and the possibility of including a second-day toilet on the Upper Deck.

To continue this design approach in the interiors, the yard asked Lobanov to decorate the settings with natural and eco-friendly materials, opting for a design with soft lines and furnishings pleasing to the touch.

Designing the Yachting Wellbeing Experience

A96 has been designed not only to be the ultimate representation of well-being on the water in the 90 to 100-foot segment but also to offer three unique pluses in terms of volume, top speed (up to 24 knots with the optional motorization) and usable surface area totalling more than 400 square meters. A chain of highly challenging objectives, all to be combined in one project.

Arcadia Yachts technical department, therefore, worked hard on optimizing the weights and increasing the structural comfort using the most sophisticated software available, carbon fibre inserts in addition to resin, and through extensive use of infusion technology, in particular on the main and upper decks and the deckhouse.

Finally, all the wiring and piping systems have been optimized, and the thermo-acoustic insulation solution of the engine room was made even more efficient through the use of innovative materials.

The final result of displacement at a whole load of “only” 130 tons allows the project to achieve the top speed target.

High Performance and Resort-level Comfort

To deliver high performance and resort-level comfort, the propulsion system consists of four Volvo Penta IPS1.200 units (or optionally IPS1.350), optimizing the living space and shifting the source of noise and vibration aft. The benefits of this integrated solution are undeniable, with excellent manoeuvrability through the joystick and pitching stability thanks to the interceptors and dynamic positioning system.

The shallow draught and the limited size of the engines, which allowed to upgrade the engine room in compliance with the increasingly stringent emission regulations standards, make A96 a yacht that can cruise in any water.

Finally, the optional silent mode system rated over 100kWh, powered in part by the solar panels, provides up to 8-9 hours in quiet mode on board at night. At the same time, the cabins offer guests the possibility of setting the temperature and taking advantage of a quiet-running air-conditioning solution that delivers a uniform temperature in each area, ensuring a good night’s sleep. CMC Marine’s latest generation of environmentally friendly Waveless Stab40 stabilizer fins adds to cruising comfort.

A96 will be premiered at the 2023 Cannes Yachting Festival, ushering in the new course charted by the shipyard founded in 2008, which continues to be ahead of the curve, as it was for environmental awareness, and designs the yacht of the future, created in response to an increasingly clear trend in our everyday lives.


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