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4 Acts of Nature Car Owners Must Be Aware Of


When it comes to car ownership, there are all sorts of hazards to watch out for. Here are four acts of nature car owners must remain aware of.

The relationship between your car and the environment is a delicate one, governed not just by your daily commute or routine maintenance but also by the whims of the elements. Whether you’re a dedicated car enthusiast or simply reliant on your vehicle for your daily commute, understanding how nature can impact your car is crucial for both safety and preserving the longevity of your automobile. From extreme weather to animal-related incidents, here are four acts of nature every car owner must be acutely aware of and prepared for every time they go out.

High Winds

High winds can be as destructive as any storm when it comes to your car. Not only can strong winds lead to falling branches and debris, which can cause significant damage to your vehicle’s body and windows, but they can also whip up enough force to shunt a car out of its lane. When driving in windy conditions, decrease your speed and always keep two hands on the wheel. Park in a garage during severe weather if possible, and if not, park away from large trees or structures that could topple onto your vehicle.

Rain and Flooding

Heavy downpours can lead to flash flooding, which poses a serious risk to both you and your vehicle. Just a foot of water can float many vehicles, and even less can cause engine damage if water gets sucked into the intake. It’s important to be aware of local flood zones and turn around if you encounter a flooded road, finding an alternate route. Regularly check your tires’ tread and consider a tread-depth tool to ensure they’re not at risk of hydroplaning.


Hailstorms cause millions of dollars in damage to vehicles each year. Hail can leave dents all over the body of a car, which may be superficial but can significantly depreciate its value. If hail is in the forecast, try to secure covered parking or use a hail cover for your vehicle. In severe weather, it’s also advisable to stay off the roads.

Animal Strikes

Encounters with wildlife or stray animals can happen unexpectedly and pose significant risks to drivers and their vehicles. Whether it’s a collision with a deer or the birds overhead damaging your paint job, you must be vigilant to minimize the risks of animal-related incidents, especially when driving in areas known for high wildlife activity. If you see an animal on or near the road, reduce your driving speed and honk in a series of short bursts to make sure it sees you. Remember, it’s often safer to hit the animal than to swerve suddenly, which could cause you to lose control of the vehicle or veer into oncoming traffic.

Understanding how nature can affect your vehicle is the first step to being prepared for whatever comes your way. By being aware of these four acts of nature, car owners can ensure that their vehicles remain safe and reliable, no matter what.

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