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Warning to Drivers as Illegal MOTs Could Make Them Vulnerable


Vehicles need an MOT after they turn three years old, then every year after that – failure to obtain a valid MOT certificate is illegal on UK roads, with motorists facing a fine of up to £1,000. 

The MOT test ensures the vehicle is up to environmental and road safety standards – with 60,000 privately employed MOT testers carrying out tests in around 23,000 testing stations in Great Britain annually.

According to data compiled by, garages that say they provide MOT prep and testing seem to have dropped from over a third, 36%, in 2019 to just 12% this year – despite a recent rise in demand for these services post-COVID.

The government has been investigating all reports of MOT fraud with site visits, vehicle inspections and even covert surveillance – with the worst cases ending up in court. Some garages have been caught simply handing out MOT certificates without even conducting a test or seeing the vehicle itself.

Safety must always be the number one priority, and motorists must ensure their cars, vans, and motorbikes are safe to operate. 1 in 10 vehicles fail their MOT the first time, so they must be well looked after, and MOTs are booked promptly to avoid delays and additional driving while they wait to be tested.

Testament to the test’s success, regulated by the DVSA, is how few mechanical issues lead to road accidents. Only 2% of road incidents are due to mechanical failings.

Motor trade insurance specialist at Evans, said: “This is a hazardous form of fraud. Allowing customers to believe their vehicles are safe and roadworthy increases their chances of an incident.

“Thankfully, it’s just a tiny portion of rogue garages and mechanics that are taking advantage. However, all drivers double that their chosen garages must be legitimate by searching reviews and selecting from approved lists of quality garages. Don’t be afraid to ask many questions, compare prices for parts and labour online and ask for a quote before any work commences that includes elements, delivery and VAT.

“It’s also crucial to note that most car insurance providers require a legal MOT. If an incident occurs and the vehicle is found to not have a valid MOT in place, it could render the insurance invalid and the driver unprotected. You can check the MOT status of the vehicle here on

“Being aware of these dangers, reporting any suspicious behaviour and working to keep vehicles in good running order will help increase your safety and the safety of others on the road.” has provided pre-MOT checks to prepare the vehicle and help keep it roadworthy:

  1. Check Tyres

It is essential to check for any cuts or wear. It is also good to check if the tyre pressures are appropriate for the load and condition of the tyres. The minimum and legal limit for the tyres’ tread depth is 1.6mm – drivers can insert a 20p into the tread to double check the tyre thickness should be more than the first line on the coin.

  1. Check Lights

You must ensure your indicators, hazard, headlights, fog, reverse, and brake lights all work. Any of these not working or in a temperamental condition could put you, passengers and other motorists at risk.

  1. Check Brakes

The braking system needs to be in good working order. If the car pulls to one side when applying the brakes, this indicates an issue. Look at the handbrake and ensure it works well, especially on an incline. If you have alloy wheels, it could be possible to visually inspect the brakes without removing the wheel.

  1. Check Fluid Levels

Be sure to top up brake fluid, engine oil and screen wash, checking them regularly and immediately refilling when warning lights show.

  1. Check Mirrors

All mirrors must be secure and free of cracks. If they need replacing, you can generally find ones for your car model online, but stay clear of self-adhesive types as these are not durable.

  1. Check Windscreen and Wipers

Ensure there is no damage to your windscreen. A chip or crack that exceeds 40mm will result in a failed MOT test. On top of the windshield, the wipers and washers should be functional to ensure good visibility. helps millions of users find savings on household bills and essentials annually, including niche items such as a vanimpound and courier insurance


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