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Titan Launches State-Of-The-Art Steer-By-Wire System


Today, Titan, the leader in advanced electric steering systems for lower-volume manufacturers, launches its state-of-the-art steer-by-wire system. It offers makers of next-generation models, from electric hypercars to automated trucks, the ultimate in high-performance, bespoke steering solutions.

From its origins in developing pioneering racing cars in the 1960s, Titan has established itself as a world-class design, engineering and manufacturing company, supplying the automotive industry with the highest precision components for the most advanced drivetrains, chassis systems and internal combustion engines.

Carving out a particular specialism in globally leading steering solutions, Titan has supplied systems for the world’s most revered and iconic sports cars to top-level motorsport teams and unique solutions tailored for the latest electric commercial vehicles.

Offering a complete portfolio of advanced high-performance steering systems and leading the world in electric steering for lower-volume manufacturers, Titan today reveals its by-wire breakthrough, which has been designed to meet surging demand from fast-growing lower-volume manufacturers who need a bespoke system for a broad spectrum of next-gen vehicles.

George Lendrum, CEO of Titan, commented: “Titan’s flexibility and in-house expertise means we occupy a unique position in the marketplace versus more traditional large Tier 1 suppliers, which do not cater to the specific needs of lower-volume makers regarding electric steering systems. Thanks to our focused engineering structure and motorsport ethos, we can quickly provide a manufacturer with a bespoke by-wire steering system, whether a new EV startup or an established OEM. And one that is completely tune-able by the customer to the specific needs of their vehicle – be that an electric hypercar, delivery truck or an automated vehicle.”

Titan’s new steer-by-wire system results from a meticulous R&D process at the company’s HQ in Cambridgeshire, UK. Like all of Titan’s high-tech steering systems – the company offers the entire product range, from manual steering to hydraulic power steering and electric power steering (EPAS) – the all-new by-wire system is designed, developed and manufactured entirely in-house, rooted in intellectual property solely-owned by Titan itself.

For its next-generation steer-by-wire system, Titan has developed a completely bespoke electric motor, which it manufactures in-house alongside the entire steering system, and a bespoke electronic control system, biased to 48 volts, with both systems enabling optimum performance and, equally as significantly, infinite tunability.

Paul Wilkinson, technical director of Titan, further explains: “Our in-house developed technology optimises the relationship between the motor and the control system, resulting in a by-wire system that sets new standards.

“Combined with Titan’s approach, which sees us work closely with every customer, the system is a highly tune-able toolbox, enabling lower-volume next-gen vehicle makers to calibrate steering responses exactly to application, whether an EV hypercar or electric truck, resulting in just the right ‘feel’ for the driver. What’s more, thanks to the company’s in-house expertise, we can close the loop, taking a system from clean-sheet design to full industrialisation under one roof, and do so rapidly to the very highest levels of quality.”

As well as being utterly tune-able for individual applications, the company’s new by-wire system is scalable and optimised for particularly challenging packaging requirements. At the same time, Titan’s experience in precision manufacturing means it can create anything from a prototype to a final production run with unparalleled quality at lower volume.

Titan’s steering systems are bespoke-designed for lower-volume applications, catering for one-offs to 100 unit/month volumes, with production times for initial prototypes measured in days, not months.

George Lendrum, CEO of Titan, concludes: “This new by-wire system builds on the reputation Titan has forged in designing, developing and precision manufacturing the world’s leading electric steering systems for the auto industry. This advanced, state-of-the-art system, combined with our inherent flexibility, uniquely positions Titan as the go-to lower-volume steering supplier for manufacturers of next-generation vehicles, whatever the application.”


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