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Viral TikTok Hack Could Cost Motorists Over £4000


Motorists are being warned to avoid following viral TikTok trends on their vehicles that could cost them over £4,000 in damage. 

Experts from have revealed some of the most ridiculous trends floating around the internet that car owners should avoid.

DIY lovers have taken to the popular social media platform to share car hacks they claim will help other drivers save time and money on their cars.

However, many of the TikTok hacks recommended by social media stars can cause serious damage to vehicles.

Trends such as homemade car vents and hot water dent removals have been found to cause severe and expensive damage to vehicles.

In some instances, car owners could be forced to pay out and replace their whole car engine after following online advice.

According to reports, the TikTok search engine has been found to deliver misinformation, and nearly 20% of the videos presented as search results contain incorrect advice.

Tim Alcock from says getting information from TikTok when dealing with expensive vehicles is irresponsible.

He said: “TikTok has gained a reputation over the years for enticing people into fad crazes, which can often be unsafe and full of misinformation.

“When it comes to cars, unless you are an expert, it is a bad idea to attempt online hacks because the likelihood is that they will cause more damage.

“With the ongoing cost of living crisis, it may feel like a good idea to give them a go-to cut back on spending, but in reality, you will probably end up with an enormous bill than before.

“From cutting into car bonnets to spray paint over rust, some of the online advice is concerning and could put motorists back thousands of pounds.

“It is always best to go to a trusted garage or mechanic to seek advice before attempting anything seen online.

These Are the Five TikTok Says Motorists Should Avoid:

  1. Homemade Car Vents

A  TikTok trend has been circulating, promising to help with overheating vehicles. It involves cutting a rectangular hole in the car bonnet and drilling on a homemade air vent. Worryingly, the video has amassed over 200,000 likes on the platform. If a car is overheating, it could be a sign of multiple common issues, such as a problem with a vehicle’s cooling system, low coolant levels or an issue with the circulation. More seriously, it could be a problem with the engine and, if left, could lead to it needing to be entirely replaced. A new car engine can set owners back £4000, plus the cost of a bonnet. So, if an overheating light comes on, get it to a garage and put down the drill.

  1. Spray Painting Over Rust

Unfortunately, this is not a spoof. One TikTok star has demonstrated how he ‘gets rid’ of rust on his car, which involves spray paint. He is seen cheerfully covering the rust on his car with black spray paint to disguise the problem, saying that people who ‘overcomplicate’ the issue annoy him. Although it may seem a tempting quick fix, car owners should never follow this advice. Removing and treating rust as soon as it develops on a car is essential because it can quickly become a widespread problem, corroding the metal on the car’s body. More drastic action is required if owners leave the pain long enough as the metal can rust through, leaving holes in the vehicle.

  1. Toilet Plunger Dent Removal

This trend offers a fast, simple method of removing dents from plastic vehicle bumpers without significant or expensive equipment. All you need is a kettle, boiling water and a toilet plunger. It involves pouring the boiling water over the dent, sticking the toilet plunger to it, and then pulling at it while pushing it from the inside. Although some claim the hack has worked for them, it can lead to the dent being pulled out too much, causing even more damage to the car.

  1.  Vinegar and Baking Soda

TikTokers claim that vinegar and baking soda make the perfect cleaning mixture, which can be used to clean the exterior and interior of cars. With the cost of living crisis, this may seem like a cheap alternative to more expensive cleaning products, but this is untrue. The vinegar and baking soda can be highly abrasive and corrosive to cars and can remove protective layers of the vehicle. These damages can lead to the need for a full or partial repaint, which can be very pricey, costing up to thousands of pounds.

  1. DIY Canister for Aircon

A TikToker has claimed to have found the answer to broken aircon by using a recharge to fix the problem. He said the kits are easy to use and much cheaper than heading to the carriage. Using a DIY canister to add more refrigerant is a lousy idea because motorists can’t be sure how much remains in the system. This can lead to overcharging the system, resulting in significant and costly damage. Instead, drivers should take their motor to the garage if they’re having problems with their aircon to check for leaks and other issues.


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