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General Motors Africa and Middle East Announces Senior Leadership Appointments


General Motors Africa and Middle East (GM AMEO) continues to pioneer the future of mobility in the region while also providing world-class cars, trucks and SUVs. Effective 1 November 2022, the newest members of the leadership team will be driving forward the Marketing and Communications operations of GM and its’ vehicle brands to ensure continued growth and innovation around the region.  

As Chief Marketing Officer for Africa and the Middle East region, replacing Sharon Nishi, Suzie Guzzo will lead the teams across brand marketing, product marketing, martech ecosystems and technology, retail marketing, digital marketing, retail, customer, and customer and product experiences for Chevrolet and GMC.

In her previous role as Director of Global Brand Experience at General Motors, Guzzo proved instrumental in driving the evolution of Cadillac’s customer experience and brand marketing to align with the needs of the luxury customer. Underpinning her work in this space was her dedication to bringing to life Cadillac’s EV leadership story and its unique luxury customer experience on this front.

“The region is a critical market for General Motors, offering immense promise on the EV front, spanning public appetite for electrification, wider government ambitions focused on green mobility and various net-zero targets. This is truly an incredible opportunity to expand on my understanding of the Middle East and Africa landscape and grow my work with Cadillac brand positioning to take on the reins across the wider nameplates. Sharon played a monumental role in generating positive brand awareness and growing our market share during her tenure, in a time of uncertainty, post-pandemic.  I am keen to build on this, to drive anticipation for the exciting launches across internal combustion engine vehicles and our electric portfolio, soon to make their mark on the region,” shared Suzie.

The General Motors Communications Director role will see Ronald Balit leading corporate, brand and digital communications strategies across the region. Drawing from over two decades of media, communications and marketing experience, his insights will be vital in shaping communications principles and storytelling to engage stakeholders in the move towards an all-electric future.

Ronald is well versed in GM’s vision, strategy and execution plans, having held various roles with the leading automaker since 2015 across product and internal communications, as well as in the marketing space.

“I look forward to bringing an in-depth understanding of our industry and the customers it serves, a passion and desire to connect with our customers and prospects through innovative communications strategies across our storied brands. Building on the outstanding work that the team has done in recent years, our work in the near term will be crucial to accelerate and sustain our vision for an all-electric future and reshape the industry. I also welcome the chance to further elevate our business regionally, across continents.” commented Ronald.

The latest updates on the leadership team will further fortify GM AMEO’s efforts to roll out 13 EVs by 2025 across its brands while also reshaping connectivity and safety within mobility in the region.

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