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Infiniti Q50 Red Sport 300: A Legend Reborn


Q50 Red Sport 300

The 2017 Q50 Red Sport 300 is equipped with a one-of-a-kind electric-assist power steering system, analogous to the one used in most cars today. It’s pretty difficult, however, to sample all the driver’s assists for a first review, as many depend on responding to the unforeseeable behaviour of other drivers – something I thankfully did not encounter.

The forward collision warning, for instance, sets an alert once it detects cars in front of you suddenly slowing down. Equally, if the system spots a pedestrian or other forward impediment, it will apply the brakes immediately to help you evade an accident.

Q50 Red Sport 300-01

Moreover, on tap in the Q50 Red Sport 300 are distance-control assist and active lane control, both of which I was able to sample during my day’s drive around the curve at the foot of Jebel Jais, the UAE’s highest summit. Once the system realizes your vehicle is getting too close to the car in front of you, it will not only apply the brakes, but it will also push back on the accelerator pedal…

Q50 Red Sport 300-02

If you ever happen to drift out of your lane without signalling and decide to turn down all lane-departure warning alarm bells, the active lane-control feature will gently guide you back to the centre of the road with small steering inputs.

This can keep the car somewhat centred on straight-line roads, although I wouldn’t give up all steering control to the system. If you decide to make a lane change without using your blinker, steady pressure on the steering wheel will beat the computer, allowing you to make your lane change.

Q50 Red Sport 300-Hassan Soukar-Social Media Influencer

Drive modes

The Q50 Red Sport 300 features the industry’s only steer-by-wire system, which Infiniti calls Direct Adaptive Steering (DSA). There’s no mechanical linkage from the steering wheel to the tires – instead it’s all done electronically. This makes for incredibly fast inputs that can feel downright twitchy at higher speeds.

Q50 Red Sport 300-Hassan Soukar-Social Media Influencer

To help drivers feel more at ease, the steering can be tuned for heft and ratio. Weight and feedback are determined by choosing Standard, Sport or Sport Plus in the steering sub-menu, while ratio is selected by choosing Default, Dynamic or Dynamic Plus.

Q50 Red Sport 300-Hassan Soukar-Social Media Influencer

From the centre-stack menu, I could set steering ratio and effort to one of three modes (Standard, Sport, or Sport Plus). Meanwhile, in Sport or Sport Plus, I could also change the steering response, or how the steering reacts just off-centre, using one of the three sub-modes (Default, Dynamic, or Dynamic Plus), giving me seven discrete steering-behaviour choices.

Q50 Red Sport 300-rear shot

While switching between diverse driving modes, I came to know that there is a smooth transition from on-centre to turning, unlike in dynamic or dynamic-plus (which makes the steering tardy). And in all modes, there is still a disconnect between lateral loading and steering effort, particularly at the limit.

Editor’s note

The sturdy engine and much improved steer-by-wire system make the Q50 Red Sport 300 stand apart from its competitors. However, I think Infiniti’s interior lacks some lavish inputs, which might help bridge the gap between power and luxury.

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