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Nissan Patrol Nismo: The Hero of Most Terrains


Nissan has launched the Nismo sub-brand in Dubai. It’s based on the SUV we’d know better as the Infiniti QX80, but instead of taking an off-road or luxury approach, the Nissan Patrol Nismo goes for on-road performance. To that end, the performance division has given it a thorough workover.

Nissan Patrol Nismo

Though it may sound hard to believe, the SUV is exactly what its name says: a beefed-up Patrol created by the same people that are responsible for the impressive GT-R Nismo and Juke-R. Sure, it may not be powered by the mighty twin-turbo, 3.8-liter V-6 found in the AWD supercar, but it has plenty of power to brag about, as well as a long list of Nismo add-ons inside and out.

Nissan Patrol Nismo- Hassan Soukar, bilingual blogger and social media influencer


Nissan Patrol Nismo comes with a sleek exterior and some add-ons that can inject its appearance with even more flash. Such add-ons include a sunroof with a front tilt and rear slide, a city type front bumper, chrome outside door mirrors (with electric adjustments and folding and side turn indicator), automatic headlights (which have become a standard of new models), headlamp washers, rear LED lamps, puddle lamps, a rear spoiler, a roof rail, machine cut alloy wheels, and a platinum V8 or V6 emblem, depending on which model is chosen. It is a four-door exterior that hides the spaciousness of its inside. It also features a new stainless steel twin exhaust system for that more-powerful look that’s commonly desired in modern SUVs.

 Nissan Patrol Nismo- the wheel


The Patrol Nismo also got a custom-made interior to help it stand out from the pack. There’s no word as to whether the SUV will be available in more than just one upholstery colour, but the model we test here features two-tone, black-and-white leather on its seats and door panels, as well as a white leather “frame” for the centre stack. To round out the monochromatic layout, Nissan also used grey & black wood inserts on the dashboard, door panels, and centre console.

Although the steering wheel is standard Patrol business except for the 12-o’clock red stripe and the red stitching, the regular instrument cluster has been replaced by a Nismo-specific unit with a red rev counter. The two-tone seats also feature red accents in the form of side piping and stitching on the upper section and the headrests.

Nissan Patrol Nismo- speedometer

In addition to the two-tone leather seats and wood inserts previously mentioned, the new Nissan Patrol Nismo comprises powered seats, chrome inside door handles, and red stitching on the steering wheel as well as seats. All this combines to make the 2017 Nissan Patrol Nismo an off-road dream SUV that can handle the rigors of rough terrain as well as any road type. It is an engineering marvel that is likely to be surpassed in the near future.

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Nissan Patrol Nismo- rear shot


The Patrol Nismo is equipped with the same safety features as the regular SUV, meaning it comes with six airbags and a range of safety systems. These include Forward Collision Warning, Intelligent Brake Assist, Distance Control Assist, Lane Departure Warning, Tire Pressure Monitor System with Tire Inflation Indicator, and Active Head Restraints. Like many off-roaders, the Patrol also features Hill Start Assist and Hill Descent Control. Finally, a crash-sensitive door unlock system unlocks the doors in the event of a collision.

Nissan Patrol Nismo- at night

Nissan Nismo also features several high-tech gadgets on its interface that assist its driver. These include forward collision warning, lane departure warning, tire pressure monitor system, intelligent brake assist, distance control assist, and hill-start to assist. It seats a total of eight people, while still allowing enough space for storage. All of these combine to make the driving experience one of the safest offered on the planet and prove that this new model is a breakthrough of the past standards.


The 5.6-liter V8 engine, for starters, has been tuned by Nissan’s Takumi craftsmen up from 400 horsepower to 428. The suspension has been firmed up with Bilstein shocks and mounted with 22-inch forged alloys from Rays. The power steering system has tuned by Nismo for sportier handling. The bodywork has been upgraded for an aggressive look and zero aerodynamic lift. And the interior has been refitted to make it a more suitable environment from which to command the added performance capabilities.

Nissan Patrol Nismo- engine

Focusing on the 5.6 litre V8 model, it owns a seven-speed, automatic transmission capable of flaunting 428 hp. Its gross maximum torque levels out at 40.2 kg-m/4,000 rpm. It has an intake manifold, multi-point fuel system, and rack-and-pinion power-assisted (hydraulic) steering. Its towing capacity is a laudable 2,000 kg, and its fuel tank capacity is about 140 litres. Overall, this state of the art engine estimates to have a better fuel efficiency over the previous model, thus making it eco-friendlier. Its suspension is an independent double-wishbone, with the shock absorbers and coil springs mounted to the wishbone-shaped arms to enforce better control over vertical movement.

Nissan Patrol Nissmo- the desert

Specs in short

  • A race-inspired version of Nissan’s legendary SUV-Patrol
  • 428 HP for exhilarating performance
  • Torque improvement over 70% rev-range
  • NISMO® 22″ RAYS® forged-alloy wheels
  • NISMO® tuned suspension using ‘Bilstein’ shock absorbers for improved handling and ride comfort
  • Takumi tuned Engine
  • Customized body reinforcements for precision steering & quick response
  • Segment-first Zero-Lift aerodynamic body kit
  • NISMO® signature designed body kit
  • NISMO® Sport-tuned Power Steering
  • NISMO® Bespoke designed interiors


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